Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking A Look At The Folks

I haven't posted pictures of people yet so today I'm just going to use photos of some of our traveling companions throughout the two weeks.

Ted in our hotel lobby in Nice.

Three veterans in our group that we honored at the American cemetery on the way to Arles.

Jeanne, Tom, Dan and I listening to a description of the arena in Arles.  We have receivers so all 40 of us can hear our guide easily.

Lorraine, Bob and I still in Arles (Ted must have had the camera!).

Tour Director Francis giving his talk on cheeses aboard the ship.

Overlooking Viviers

Back on board, ready to sail

Jeanne's birthday celebration and Tom

Lorraine ready for the weather.

Terry's birthday cake

Tommy, Chris, Laura, Dan, Lorraine and Bob

Tom and Jeanne with Lorraine in the background

Ted, Donna, Carol, Tom, Terry, Jeanne

Tom's birthday (we really weren't making these up!)

Ted, Donna, Terry, Tom, Jeanne, Carol

Sara, Stephanie, Suzana (our servers)

Donna, Ted and the Grande Dame of Paris

At Versailles, a cute little summer house

Bob, Lorraine, Tom, Jeanne at Giverny

Tom and Terry with their Elder High School umbrella

Ted, Carol and Terry in the Paris Metro Station

Tommy, Chris, Bob, Laura, Dan, Lorraine at our farewell dinner in Paris

Moi, windblown, on the 7th floor terrace of Lafayette Galleries overlooking Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Carol, Terry, Jeanne and Tom on the train to Caen.

Terry, Ted and Tom at the American Cemetery at Normandy

Jeanne, Carol, Donna at the American Cemetery at Normandy

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