Wednesday, April 25, 2012

En Route to Paris

We left our ship and the friendly crew in Macon and traveled by motorcoach to Beaune to visit the Musee de L'Hotel Dieu and to have lunch on our own.  Beaune remains the center of the Burgundy wine trade and we passed many vineyards in the countryside.

Upon arrival, we learned that after the Hundred Years War, in 1440, the Chancellor of the Duke of Bourgogne used his tremendous wealth to have a hospital constructed for the sick and deprived.  The institution is a masterwork of Gothic art.  I could tell you more if I hadn't picked up a pamphlet in French so I'll do my best here from what I remember and using the photos.

The multi-colored roofs constructed of colored glazed-tiles have become the symbol of the city.

This unique social organization rapidly gained a wide response well beyond the borders of the dukedom.

A surviving, original stained glass window.

We walked through town and saw many of our traveling companions enjoying the sunshine and their lunch.  We left with our next stop Paris.

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