Friday, April 27, 2012

Giverny - Home of Impressionist Artist Claude Monet

Monet spent half his life at his home in Giverny and his gardens provided him with many opportunities to paint.  His water lilies and the bridge over his water garden are probably his most famous.  The grounds were gorgeous and I couldn't stop taking pictures.  After touring his home, we walked down a village road to another museum, Presentation du Musee des Impressionnismes Giverny, featuring the works of Maurice Denis.  Art museums aren't Ted's cup of tea so he rented me a receiver for my listening pleasure and said "Here, I'm going to the cafe for coffee."  This is why we've been married 47 years.  We make it work.  I was able to enjoy the artwork and descriptions while he tried once again to get a cup of coffee bigger than a thimble!  And we were both fine with that.

The famous bridge

Monet's house

Here's another of my purple flowers

350 years old – le Moulin de Fourges water mill house that we passed as we drove out of town.

This was one of my favorite tours.  The weather was pleasant, it was a Sunday and traffic was light.  We arrived before anyone else and had the gardens to ourselves for a short while.  The house inside was lovely with Monet's Japanese art collection displayed and also many of his own works.  There is a photo of him at the fireplace in the kitchen and that fireplace remains unchanged still today. 

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Cricket Cruise & Travel, LLC said...

Your photos of everything are just gorgeous!! And of course your writing is superb, I've enjoyed "living" your trip.
Thanks so much for sharing.
(((HUGS)) LeAnne