Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Light Music

It's been a nice week without too much hustle and bustle. I've messed with the I-Pad quite a bit and have a few kinks worked out but there is so much more I don't understand yet. Of course each new APP brings its own set of questions! I have four people I've been able to Face Talk with because they have I-Pads or I-Phones. I don't know if those people set Face Talk up on their instruments or if it comes that way. I've tried calling other people who have I-Pads but don't get anywhere. More research! Ted is getting increasingly frustrated with Angry Birds. He is stuck at Level 2 in the second set.

Monday I had the whole day to myself and cleaned out under my vanity in the bathroom. The accumulation of make-up, lotions, hair products, etc. is amazing. They say those things harbor bacteria and should be tossed ... so I did. I also put together two large plastic bags of my old clothes to be picked up on Tuesday by the Texas Paralyzed Veterans. Now it's Ted's turn!

Junior Forum had their last New Member Coffee on Tuesday and I picked up Suzy who I am sponsoring. She had her application and dues already to go and gave it to the Admissions Chair as soon as we arrived. I'm so pumped about her enthusiasm. The big gala is Saturday night. I am taking our two dollies over in the morning for them to use bringing all the auction items into the hotel. We have to be back at 6 pm because I am working the Wine Pull at that time. The Junior Forum Board, the Advisory Board and other higher ups are invited to a special party before the gala so I might be busy. I'll have the rest of the evening free to spend with Ted and our table of 10 until they do the Fund-A-Cause auction. Janeen has to dress up as the Fairy God Cow and she asked me to help her dress. It will be a busy day but so much fun.

I met Teri for lunch yesterday to give her the bunco bag. I'll miss the April gathering and she missed the March one so we made arrangements to eat and pass the bag off. We chose Sweet Tomatoes so she could get a salad and she was so impressed with all they offer to go with your salad. It's one of my and Ted's favorite restaurants for lunch.

Then I spent a good bit of time finding a Dazzle Doo Zooble. Toys R Us offered to order it if I would pay $7 shipping for a $20 toy. So I went to Target where two very disinterested clerks didn't think they had that and couldn't be bothered to look.

I came home, checked on the computer and lo and behold, the Target I was at had five of them. So back I went, bought the toy and voiced my complaint about employees who just didn't seem to care much about customer service. If I had my I-Pad with me I could have looked it up while I was still there. Note To Self: Keep the I-Pad handy.

Since I was out I decided to drop by Happy Hour at the country club to see my friend Sherida who is still waiting to finish her reconstruction surgeries from cancer surgery last summer. I hadn't seen her in awhile and probably won't have too many opportunities between now and next fall. I'm glad I went because only Teri and I joined her. Sometimes there's over a dozen, sometimes one or two. We had a great time taking pictures with our cell phones to put with each other's phone numbers.

I have my clothes for our next trip laid out on one of the twin beds in the guest room. Ted can use the other one and then Chris' room and bed won't be bothered. He'll be coming down next week to stay while we "jet off to Gay Paree." Actually we are flying to Nice, taking a week long riverboat cruise to Paris and spending a week there with a side trip to Normandy. Ted's two brothers and their wives along with the Judge from Illinois that we travel with and his two married children will round out our group of 12. There are only 42 passengers so we will get to know everyone rather quickly I think.

I have four baskets of flowers outside and Chris is apprehensive about taking care of them. In the summer when we leave, Gerre takes the plants so Chris doesn't have to worry about them. But for two weeks, I'm not ready to give them to her just yet. He can't be any worse at keeping them alive than I am. Last summer, in all that drought, Gerre kept my plants alive. Within two weeks of coming back I had killed the Wandering Jew. She said it got too much sun where I put it. So if Chris fails at gardening, so be it. Lowe's has another basket pretty much just like it.

I have to play Canasta this afternoon. When I e-mailed my RSVP I got a message back "Who are you?" Good thing I can read a sarcasm font when I see one. I don't think I've ever won in this group but they keep reminding me I have to actually show up and play to win. Wish me luck.

Despite the gardener's best intentions, Nature will improvise. ~ Michael P. Garafalo

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Carol said...

You are staying as busy as ever - sorry I have been AOL on leaving comments on your blog - I've been a little busy with mom this week - but they are releasing her today with no real diagnosis. I hope that you have a fabulous time on your trip (I'm so jealous!!!) I can't tell you how much Dan and I miss the road! Oh well - you have fun and I'll talk to you soon.
(BTW - I hate comment moderation - those two words are so hard to read! LOL!)