Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Progress

Gerre and I walked what we thought was our 5K on Monday and I surely felt it but this old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be; however, I made it. Afterwards I played bunco at Judy's house and we had a fun time as always. I'm trying real hard not to eat all the goodies just because they are there. Sometimes I'm more successful than others.

My hair was in real need of a cut and color so I took the first appointment Tuesday morning to get that out of the way. Our new bed was delivered after I returned home and I got the room back in order. We had to get a blanket which I had forgotten to get while at Bed, Bath and Beyond so we went to Stein Mart to buy one and also bought a new lamp. We rehung the mirror and picture. Another thing completed.

I was tired and contemplated a nap when I realized I had to play Canasta at 6:30 and it was Ted's Skeet League night. So off we went in different directions. Afterwards, Sue Anne and Celeste came by to help us decide about the tile for the backsplash. We had a couple we thought would work but they have a better eye for color than we do so we appreciated their input.

Wednesday morning we told the tile place what we wanted our tile guy to use but now we can't get him to call us back! I was on such a roll accomplishing things. We know it takes 2-3 days to get the tile from Dallas and I do want this done before our company comes.

Ted had his yearly surveillance endoscopy and Dr. W. said all looked well. He took one small biopsy and called a few days later to say there were no surprises there, just come back next year and continue with his Nexium.

My new Thursday afternoon Canasta group met this week so I played again. Bunco and Canasta are fast becoming my favorite charities because I always seem to donate my $5 and never get any returns on my investment. There are 16 players in this group so you play with different partners all the time.

On Friday Gerre and I did our 5K one more time. However, Gerre used her pedometer again and it says the marked one-kilometer track only registers .45 of a mile and not .6. That comes out to 2.25 miles instead of 3. I called the Parks and Recs to ask about this but no one has called me back. I want an explanation.

Rebecca cleaned and Ted and I shopped for the CWJF Provisional Rodeo Round Up party Saturday night. We were hoping for some nice weather because Pat's backyard is fabulous. We dropped all our purchases off at Pat's and discussed the plans for Saturday.

We were up early Saturday morning and headed to town with Barry & Gerre. It was a bit misty at first which made a nice temperature for walking but didn't do anything for hairdos. Whether mist or sweat, your hair looks pretty bad at the end of the race anyway.

We finished in under an hour which is really good if we are doing only 2.25 miles in our daily walk in the same amount of time. We grabbed some water and yogurt at the after race booths and then set out to find Ted and Barry. They had gone to Katz's for breakfast while we walked. Sissies! We were on the SW corner of Minute Maid park and they were standing at the NE corner so we ended up walking another one or two kilometers to meet up with them. They did take us to Wuenche's in Old Town Spring for lunch. It was an enjoyable day for all of us.

Last night's party at Pat's turned out wonderful. She had the driveway lined with luminaries with a Rodeo banner hung in a tree. Her backyard has a beautiful free form pool, gazebo bar and outdoor kitchen. She borrowed a portable fireplace and had a fire going. We served guacamole, queso and salsa with chips as appetizers along with wine, beer, soft drinks, water and ice tea. For dinner we had brisket, pulled pork, sausage, potato salad, baked beans and cole slaw. There were about six different pies and cobblers for dessert. Decorations were cowboy hats, colored kerchiefs and western serving dishes and napkins. We all did a bang up job and our two CWJF leaders were proud of us.

Today of course was church and now I am on a clear liquid diet and have to start drinking that "stuff" about 6 pm followed by a second round at 5 am tomorrow. My colonoscopy is scheduled for noon tomorrow. I'll be SO GLAD when this test is over.

I'll talk to you all later next week.


Carol said...

Hang in there Girlfriend - I'll be doing the same thing in a couple of weeks and will need the same encouragement! We can do this!

Rick and Brenda said...

Good luck with your tests. Don't envy you a bit.