Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not Quite Finished

Well I did get KFC for dinner Saturday because things were even more of a mess than the night before because they had painted the family room, back hall and bedroom. You have to keep moving things out of the way and all h*ll breaks loose.

But the painting was done and I spent the entire day Saturday putting things back. The secretary, bookcases and china cabinet took up the most time. Of course I had to wash everything before it went back. Ted, on the other hand, went shooting in Madisonville and came home second in his class. Honestly, I work better by myself when handling delicate things but I was pooped by the end of the day.

Here are two pictures of the family room with the new Sensational Sand on the walls. It matches the fireplace surround much better than the picture is showing.

So we went to church on Sunday morning and I cooked breakfast when we returned. I pressed the valances for the back bedroom only to find the rod I had was not going to work. So I ordered one from JCP and didn't do anything else in there. We still have to buy the new bed. Irene stopped by for a visit and I cooked dinner. We could have gone to Tommy Bahamas with the dining group but I knew I would be too tired -- and I was!

It took 10 days to get the tile estimate for the backsplash and it will just have to wait until we return. Chris doesn't want to be in charge of overseeing that and I don't blame him. Monday I went to the gastroenterologist to schedule my colonoscopy for late February. I was up and out early on Tuesday. I made a stop at the bank, then at Walgreen's before going to the Hand Me Up shop to work with Judy and Jacque. We worked until noon and then the three of us went to Olive Oil to eat lunch. Judy was not familiar with Greek food but she really liked it. I just had a raspberry salad but did enjoy the pita bread, feta and oil appetizer we got. My favorite is still Olga's in Michigan but Jacque said that sounds Swedish. I think she's right! But it's the only place I eat lamb.

One last stop at Wal-Mart for some groceries and I made it home. All of what I bought is to take with us to Mission. I think we are heading out tomorrow while no precipitation is forecast. We may have to hold up in Victoria two nights instead of one if rain/sleet/snow hits the lower part down toward the valley. I hope we make the right call. I'd rather just wait until Saturday to go but you know who wants to go tomorrow. Chris said to just let him know when we leave and he'll come down to stay. He's liking Ted's Wii Sports.

I have my mammogram this afternoon followed by Happy Hour. Then it will be home to get the clothes and food in the RV ready for a departure tomorrow as long as it is above 32 degrees. I don't want to hit any ice.

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