Friday, February 18, 2011

Now What?

Thursday didn't turn out as planned. Kevin called and said Norcold is now saying we need an optical panel that goes behind the display monitor. We called about five places but no one had one and we didn't have time to wait for one. We have insurance for repairs with a $200 deductible so we opted to deal with this when we get home. Good Sam RV Repair Insurance needs to get involved before anything more can be done.

In the meantime Kara called, Kristin called and Stella called. That gave us a later start than we anticipated. Since we were heading to Mercedes anyway, we wanted to find the Forever Aloe products shop to buy hair gel that Ted likes. Using our GPS, we found two aloe places. Neither one was the one we went to before (the first lady said they had closed). The second shop had styling gel but not the same brand but we bought one anyway.

We were on the road to the bridge to Mexico and thought we would go over and get two things a friend asked for if we went back. When we got close we realized we didn't have our passports with us so that was out. BUT ... we were in the vicinity of Fat Daddy's BBQ that has been praised by so many RVers. So we had lunch. After a good size chopped brisket sandwich we drove past the fairgrounds. It was so windy we weren't sure you would be able to hear the music in this outdoor venue so we went to the Outlet mall instead. I found some summer things and I'll be able to leave more things in the trailer and not drag so much back and forth.

It was after 4 when we got home and Dave came over to visit. Karen came to get him and she was all dolled up. They were going dancing at Mission Bell where there is a dance each Thurday night. They take classes at Bentsen Palms and their teacher and class were all attending.

Ted started getting his outside things done and I did some inside things. We watched TV until bedtime. We were up and out by 9 this morning and arrived in Victoria early this afternoon. Going to the valley from Victoria, we had to stop for fuel because we were running too close. We had a strong headwind. Coming here we made it without the fuel light going off. We got 8.5 mpg with the tailwind instead of what we got going down into a headwind. Thats's still much less than the 10.5-11 mpg we got with the old truck and trailer.

When we got ready to leave, I put the refrigerator on LP after Ted pulled the trailer plug. It stopped beeping. We had tried it on LP while the trailer was plugged in and it didn't stop beeping. We tried unplugging the refrigerator from the back and it didn't stop beeping. At the rest area, it was still not beeping. So we plugged in when we got here, I put it on electric instead of LP and guess what - it is not beeping!! We are going to contact Norcold and see if maybe the trailer electrical system reset the refrigerator monitor some way. Stay tuned!

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Carol said...

Isn't it fun having an RV???? We never had problems like that, but it is always interesting to see how some things work out! I'll stay tuned to see what the outcome is.