Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We had a great time at the HitchHiker luncheon. There were at least 10 Haulin' HitchHiker couples from our sub-group there and around 40 other International HitchHiker couples as well. The Missouri-Kansas group was well represented. It was so good to see our friends, most of whom we haven't seen since October at the rally in Montgomery, TX. The luncheon has a new coordinator and she had tags made for our ID hang tags that say Texas Luncheons 2011. That's the first time for that. Our tags are getting pretty long with all we have participated in. They gave away some small door prizes but we didn't win. After lunch and a short meeting, the Haulin' HitchHiker group met outside for a picture.

Laundry was the name of the game when we got home in the afternoon. We are close to the facility so it was nothing to walk down with two loads and get them started. When I walked back, Ted was over at Dave's so I stopped there. Eventually Karen came back and we all visited for awhile. The weather has been really nice since last Friday and is supposed to stay that way.

We hung around on Tuesday waiting for the repairman. Our new switches were sent overnight to him and we didn't want to miss his arrival. He eventually called and said it would be later in the day so we we took off to get a few things at the store and to stop at Starbucks for a Texas or Rio Grande Valley cup but none were to be found. They said only bigger cities have them. I was looking for a friend and she'll be disappointed when I tell her.

When we got back I could hear the jam session going on in the rally hall. We are parked right across the street. Ted went over and I followed later on after things were put away. But I couldn't find him. Then I looked outside and he was in line for the fruit peddler buying pineapple, grapefruit and bananas again. I brought those home then went back to join him for the balance of the session.

Kevin finally arrived, put in the new switches and voila! - nothing happened! Beep, beep, beep!! He had said all along he didn't think this was the problem but Norcold insisted. Because it was too late to call them, he said he would contact them first thing this morning and see if they can find "what happens next." They probably have a computer screen where they type in the problem, get an answer, and give that to you. Much like the book told me to "close the door." I'm afraid we won't get this settled before we leave and will have to take the trailer to Thorton's when we get home.

I am happy the refrigerator is working and beeping versus not working and not beeping. We don't pay attention to it during the day especially if the TV is on and it hasn't been a problem for me sleeping with the earplugs in. Nothing bothers Ted sleeping.

It was going on 7 by the time Kevin left so we opted to go up the street to Tio Chuy to eat. But they close at 7 and we had to drive towards McAllen. We ended up at Cracker Barrel because it was the first restaurant we came to when we got off the expressway. I got a chuckle out of the lady behind us who ordered mac & cheese, steak fries and mashed potatoes as her three sides. A real carb fest!

Depending on what happens with Kevin this morning, we may or may not make it to the fruit market. Ted is shooting with the fellows from the park this afternoon and we thought we would have plenty of time.

Tomorrow we are going to the Music Festival at the Rio Grand Valley Fairgrounds in Mercedes. We've attended a rodeo there before. Friday we head to Victoria and home on Saturday. I'll have a lot of catching up to do over the weekend because next week is busy. I'm glad I didn't mention the bags of fruit to Chris at home. If we don't make it to get them, he won't be disappointed.

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