Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not To Worry

We have decided to wait until Saturday to leave because of the weather forecast between here and the Rio Grande Valley. We talked to the campground in Victoria yesterday and they said all the water hoses were frozen and they were experiencing rolling blackouts, things were a mess. Debbie suggested we wait until Saturday when it is to be 60 and sunny to arrive. I had to do a little convincing to get Ted to agree but I just stood my ground. Traveling in the car is one thing; pulling the RV is something else. They are not prepared to take care of icy roads down here and heading out to where the weather is as bad or worse than where you are is foolish.

So I went for my mammogram and got in and out before my appointment time. Since it was an hour and a half until Happy Hour I just came home. Ted was fixing chili for dinner, it's cold outside, so I stayed home.

Now I have two days with nothing planned. Carol was going to pick up my Chik Fil A order on Friday for a funeral but now I can do that myself. I think we'll just stay in and stay warm. The bad weather is supposed to start this afternoon. So far we haven't been affected by the rolling blackouts that others have experienced.

I hope the next time I write it will be from the valley. Jay & Stella are looking forward to our arrival as much as we are looking forward to getting there.

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Carol said...

Just be careful!