Sunday, February 13, 2011

And the B(l)eep Goes On

We left Stella and Jay at the flea market heading to the produce barn on Saturday afternoon. We said we would check with them later. We returned home and Ted took off with some of our neighbors to shoot skeet. Stella called and invited us to go eat with them and Tom & Judy but it was mid-afternoon and Ted wasn't home anyway. I invited them to come play bingo at our park in the evening but they needed to do laundry and get things ready to depart today. So we said our goodbyes and will see them back at Rayford next weekend.

We decided to go to Mass at 5:30 since we weren't going to be playing bingo. Our trips to Our Lady of Guadalupe are always interesting and yesterday was no different. When we walked past the priest's house, both donkeys were in the front yard. The big one is Alice but she was retired over a year ago because she tried to bite someone at midnight Mass. The miniature one was introduced to us last February when she was brought into church during the feast of the Presentation. Fr. Roy said Joseph and Mary had to get to the temple some way so they probably rode their donkey. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the donkey all walked down the aisle.

Fr. Roy always chooses country western CD songs to play before Mass and when the collection is taken up. Our song before Mass was Johnny Cash's I Walk the Line. Fr. Roy, Auggie and Chunley walked down the aisle all dressed in red. The dogs had hearts on their red coats. Fr. Roy was carrying a 7 week old pup, 5th generation of his original dog Magna. (Sixth St. in Mission is named Magna for her.) He said he wasn't saying Mass but he wanted to introduce us to the new pup, Valentine. Our collection song was one I didn't know "You Live Your Life For Me."

I noticed this Mass was not as crowded as the Sunday Masses; in fact, it is the first time we ever got a seat. We decided reasons could be 1) because Fr. Roy didn't say Mass; or 2) Early Bird dinners are only good from 4-6 and you would miss that; or 3) by 6:30 it's dark and they couldn't drive home. Just my conjectures!

Today Barbara and Roger from Haulin' HitchHikers came by for a visit. We sat outside and talked before going next door to Mission West for the ice cream social and to give them a chance to look at that park. There was a Gospel Sing going on in the hall while we ate our ice cream. Strangely enough, one of the songs was I'm The One Who Loves You, one of Fr. Roy's favorites!

They had just dropped us off when Dave came over and invited us to a brat cook out that was just getting started. I quickly defrosted the shrimp I had, put a tray together of chips and salsa and grabbed a bottle of wine. Always ready for a party!

We met some more of the folks parked around us and had an enjoyable time. Ted has another shooting date for Wednesday with a couple of the fellows.

We have the HitchHiker luncheon tomorrow where we'll see Barbara and Roger again. They said Bill & Judy are down now so we hope to see them too. It's always fun to see who shows up at these lunches.

The b(l)eeping beeping continues!! I'm wearing earplugs at night and that works! Sure hope the part comes in soon!


Rick and Brenda said...

It sounds like you are having too much fun.

Barbara said...

You are going to be at Rayford Crossing on 2/18 - 2/20? I will too! I will be in site 97.