Friday, January 28, 2011


We won everything at bunco last Saturday and my contention that subs always win was confirmed! However, you can only win one prize each so we came home with $15 for most buncos and $10 for most wipeouts. Carol had wonderful things to eat and we had a good time with these "younger" folks from our church. It's funny to watch them receive texts and send them to their kids and babysitters. Times certainly have changed. I am so impressed with their involvement with their children's education and religious instruction.

Pat, Donna Marie and I met Monday for lunch to discuss the party we are responsible for planning. We decided to take a ride to look at a community center where Donna Marie's garden club meets. It's a beautiful complex with a lovely hall. We are able to rent it for about 1/3 of the cost because of Donna Marie's involvement with the garden club. I came home and worked on the invitation because now we had concrete info on where and when.

The next day I had my bone density test and then came home in time for the new carpet to get laid in our bedroom. I had the fellow stretch my dining room carpet too. I wish they still had jute on the back of carpeting. What they use now stretches so easily and I hear people complaining all the time. I know I've had every carpet in this house stretched at one time or another.

Getting ready for the painters was a chore. I never realized how many pictures were hanging on the walls until I started taking them down. The china cabinet, bookcases and secretary all had to be emptied but it gave me a chance to clean them inside really well. Now I have to clean everything before I put it all back. Doing that will keep me out of trouble this weekend.

The painters came yesterday just as I was leaving for Irene's to play bunco. What a place! It looks like a small palace from the outside and is absolutely beautiful on the inside. She said it is 7200 sq. ft. with 6 bathrooms! We played four tables of Canasta in what she called the party room. It was about 25 x 25 at the back of the house and all four tables of Canasta players plus two 8 foot tables of food and drinks didn't come close to filling the room. She told us we could just walk around and look at the house if we wanted. There was a complete gym room and I asked if she sold memberships. The best part - she is the nicest, most gracious lady and comes to our houses of all sizes to play in our groups. That's the best kind of friend.

In my absence the painters had finished the dining room, sitting room and front hallway. I had agonized over the color for some time and was glad it looked so good on the walls. Ted really likes it and the white crown molding shows up so much better. They are back today to do the family room, back hall and one guest bedroom. There isn't a flat surface in this house that isn't covered with something so Ted and I went to El Chapparo for dinner last night. It was that or stand at the bar to eat. Do you think I just may be able to get away with that again tonight???

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Rick and Brenda said...

We can't wait to see your home. It was beautiful before, but I guess it will be even more so when finished.