Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two Alarm Week

I had a meeting Wednesday for Junior Forum and finally realized that Pat, Donna Marie and I are somehow in charge of the Provisional Couples Party! We were informed we were chosen as "leaders." I guess that's a vote of confidence. We met at Pat's house and have come up with a plan but have not had a response back from the establishment where we want to have it. We think it will be about 60 people and that's a bit much for someone's home since February isn't the best month down here to plan something outdoors. My job before our meeting next week is to design the invitation. I've done that and the other two have approved it. Now we just need accurate information to complete it.

I came home to eat with Ted and then took off for Happy Hour. Susan organizes these since she is a member of the country club and she is the good friend that is moving. I'm sure one of the others will take up the cause and continue it. I want to attend as often as I can before Susan leaves. It was a smaller crowd of about 8 people and we had a great visit.

My ultrasound was scheduled for 9:00 on Thursday but I got a call telling me to check in at 7:30 so they could do it at 8:00. Alarm Clock Use #1 for the week! I went on time, got in and out and by 2:00 that afternoon my doctor's office called to say the test results were normal. Then I had an appt. with my new GYN. I really liked him and honestly feel he spent more time with me this first time than the other doctor did in nine years. He had read my file, questioned me, asked me if I had questions, any problems, pains, anything at all to talk to him about. He did his thing, ordered a bone density and mammogram and I was on my way. By the way, he said my 2009 bone density was perfect!! But he told me to take calcium and Vitamin D anyway.

I wasn't home long when I got a phone call to come back to the office to sign a lab paper that is a Medicare requirement. There was no choice but to go right back over and sign the paper. Then I had to make phone calls to set up the tests. I'll be glad when this is all over.

Alarm Use #2 was to get up in time to pick up Janeen and get to the Junior Forum meeting by 9:00. We made it in time and I signed up for the last thing I have to do for the year which is to work at the nursing home once. I signed up for a few other things but they will just be extra. Once I do Regent Care my requirements and hours for the year will be finished.

Last night was Wind Down and there was a really nice group there. For most of the evening I sat in the living room by the fire where a circle had gathered. Alton had my bottle of Riesling but he said a new person was drinking it too! He said he might have to get two bottles if that continues. Riesling is a sweet wine and no one but me seems to like it. It's sort of a joke among my friends.

Tonight we are playing bunco at Terry & Carol's for their church group. We've subbed in this group quite frequently and know everyone. Carol didn't feel so hot yesterday so I hope she is feeling well enough to host tonight. I told her I would do it if she couldn't but then we would be short a couple so that's probably not going to happen.

Next week will certainly be busy around here with the painting. I hope it all goes smoothly and we get put back together quickly. Still no word from the carpet guy. I think I need to give him a call.

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Hey you, it's me... Just wanted you to know I'm keeping up with you on your blog.
Be good, see ya,