Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Calm After The Storm

It seems like things are so quiet without the constant hubbub of the holidays. There was so much to do and now it is so very quiet.

My "cold" or whatever I have/had did not keep me from any of my appointed rounds. I made the neighborhood ladies luncheon on Thursday. We had a good turnout and it is always fun catching up on what everyone did over the holidays. I'll miss next month's lunch however.

I went to the doctor on Friday for my blood work. He also ordered a colonoscopy and aorta aneurysm ultrasound. These two things are listed on my mymedicare.gov list of things I'm eligible for. I go Thursday for the ultrasound but still need to make the colonoscopy appointment. I also need to make a GYN appointment. Now what was I just saying about it being quiet? I think that is over.

We stayed in Friday night but after Mass on Saturday went to El Chapparo with Terry & Carol to talk about the big upcoming event - all of Ted's and Terry's siblings coming to town in March. We needed to discuss who was staying where, what we want to do while they are here, etc. They had never been to this restaurant and seemed to really like it.

Sunday was cold and nasty and I spent most of the day working on gathering up our tax info. With all our medical insurance premiums we definitely have a deduction there so all the prescriptions, co-pays and deductibles needed to be accounted for to maximize the deduction. With the purchase of the truck and trailer in 2010, we have a whopping sales tax deduction so I went through our charge slips to maximize that too. I know it is bigger than what the government would allow from their table. Next was donations. I save scraps of paper all year long. There's the $5 for breast cancer at the grocery, gifts for various organizations' Christmas tree projects, sponsoring people in races, the food I purchase for funeral lunches and to prepare lunch for seniors when I work a CWJF outing, etc. I have them all together but needed to sort them out. So now I'm ready and just need the church and missions to send me their statements.

I have no firm word yet from the carpet or painting people on when work will begin. The carpet isn't so bad, there's not a lot I have to move in the bedroom. The painting is a whole other story. My china cabinet plus two bookcases need to be emptied. Then there are the hooks on the wall. I want to mark the ones to stay and have them patch and paint over the ones where I "goofed." Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get that nail in just right!

I played Bunco at Carol's yesterday and have today free. Tomorrow is a CWJF meeting and Happy Hour, Thursday is my ultrasound and Friday is another CWJF meeting. And we'll be back at the weekend. When I worked, Monday through Friday took forever to get over. Now it just whizzes by.

Stay warm and dry wherever you are and I'll see ya down the road.

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