Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When we left Michigan our first stop in Ohio was in Celina at my brother Dan's. He and his wife Sue and their son Brandon, along with their son Ed, Vicki and Dustin took us to dinner at the Inn at Versailles.

It is such a delightful small town. Everything was lit up on Main Street or Rue de Maine as the sign said. We had a great visit with all of them. It was from there the next day that we took off for Cincinnati with a stop in Eaton.

We usually spend 5 days or so at Grand Lake/St Marys State Park in Celina during our summer travels. Dan has a canal behind his house and can bring his boat right to the campground to take us for a ride around the lake or back to his home.

I'm not sure how I lost a whole day in my reporting. I guess I'm slipping in my old age.

On another note, I got dumped by my gynecologist after 9 years because I'm on Medicare. He isn't taking Medicare patients. Last year he said he would keep me as a patient because of my longevity with him but my daughter Kara, in the business, said he can't. You either take Medicare patients or you don't. So to those of you who believe you can keep your present coverage and doctors in this mess, it "ain't necessarily so."

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