Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Under The Weather

Friday we met Jay, Stella and Rita at El Chapparel for dinner and then went to Rayford to play bingo. Jay always complains that he has never won. They only play five games and one time I won one and Ted won the big one so we were sure we wouldn't ever be welcomed back. Well last Friday, Jay won two of the five games. I don't want to hear him griping anymore. My cards were so bad that I didn't even need to pick up my dauber. We spent some time with Warren and Judy too and had a nice visit.

We've been trying to pick out paint colors and bedroom carpeting. I wish there weren't so many choices!! I've chosen the color line for the interior. I hired the painter today and he is going to try to get to us before the end of the month. I have three carpet samples but I was unhappy with that salesman and not thrilled with his samples so someone else came today. I liked him and his samples and have picked out new carpeting. He didn't say when he can get it laid. I guess he needs to determine when he can get the carpet.

Saturday night I started with a scratchy throat. Sunday I stayed in but played Canasta on Monday. By that night I thought I would have to cancel lunch and the movie with Ann for Tuesday afternoon. But I felt well enough to go. If you are thinking of seeing The Black Swan all I can say it is the deepest, darkest or dumbest movie I have ever seen.

My cold has been getting worse so I'm just hanging around today hoping I'm OK for my ladies neighborhood luncheon tomorrow. Ted went to lunch with the neighborhood fellows today and brought me some AirBorn. It seems to be helping so maybe I'll get by lightly. I know so many people who have been sick and they stayed sick for long stretches of time.

One of my best friend's here where we live is moving. I'm deeply saddened by this news but know how it is about being by the kids. Most people come here because their kids are already here. That was not the case with them or with us. So they have their house on the market and have purchased a home in Cummings, GA. She will land on her feet wherever she goes. I wish her and her husband the very best. Two of my kids are in Michigan and I'm certainly not contemplating a move there but we have one in Florida also. With the real estate and political climate like it is over there, I think we are better off right where we are. We love it here and until something changes, we're staying put.

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