Monday, May 10, 2010

Well I Won ... Sort Of

We played Couples Canasta Saturday night and I had three good hands and one bummer! Out of the last five cards in the draw pile, three were wild cards and the other team went out before we could get to them. I was playing with Ray and his wife Linda was playing with Jeff. They stuck it to us. Neither Ted nor I won any money.

We hung around the house Sunday until about 4 o'clock and then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We timed it right because we didn't wait but 5-10 minutes for a table. However, when we left about 6:15, there were people everywhere. I'm glad we went when we did. I heard from all three girls and had a nice conversation with each of them. Morgan told me she made her Mommy something with gems, and sparkles, and a rainbow but I didn't quite understand what it was. Turns out it was a picture frame. Kelly was going to church and out to breakfast with her in-laws. Kristin called later in the day. She had been out with friends.

So today I played Canasta for the third time in a week. My score was 27,000+ - a REALLY good score. Good enough to win! But there were only eight of us playing at two tables so we didn't play for money. So I won nothing but bragging rights.

I received word today that a very good friend had a massive stroke yesterday while preparing a Mother's Day dinner for her family. All I know is that she is in ICU at the nearby hospital and the family is in a "wait and see" mode. I am so tired of receiving bad news! I have made myself a promise to celebrate every baby, every wedding, every Baptism, every First Communion, every birthday party, every graduation, any little celebration that I can. The valleys are far outweighing the peaks anymore and I have a suspicion it only gets worse the older we get.

They did come and do our front yard today and it turned out really nice. The wax myrtles were over five feet tall and the pitosporum were about three. They all got taken out and everything redone. It took four guys 3.5 hours to do all the work. The wall had loose rocks replaced, the sprinklers were checked and fixed where better coverage could be obtained, topsoil was mixed in the bed after the old plants were out, the trees were trimmed and the new plants put in. We're happy with the outcome.


jillquilts said...

The pictures look great! Not sure what it looked like before, but I am sure that you like how it turned out!

cdm said...

Nice yard! It looks really good. I know that you must be getting ready to head up north - I can't believe you actually had a time frame where you weren't doing something - a little calm before the craziness of getting ready to leave. Enjoy staying in touch!