Monday, May 17, 2010

Things Are Picking Up

After our uneventful week at home, we went to dinner Saturday night with Terry & Carol after church. We tried a new Italian restaurant that opened recently but none of us had been to. It was really good and I'm sure we'll go back. Terry picked out a great red wine and the three of us shared the bottle. Ted drank his normal Diet Coke.

Today was my CWJF orientation meeting. Jacque picked me up a little after 8 o'clock this morning and it was close to 2:30 when we got home. They served a light breakfast and lunch around all the talks teaching us what we will be doing and how to do it.

It's a bit overwhelming in the beginning but everything you need to know is at your fingertips either in the books they provide, on the computer or from your PAL or MOM. I ordered two shirts since we have to be dressed "in uniform" when we do service hours. And I was able to sign up for a few activities in August and September.

The first year you are given specific things to do. I'm sure this is to introduce new people to all that is out there. In subsequent years we have to put in double the hours but can pick exactly what we want to do and where.

I met Jeanette at several functions and today she asked me to pair with her for a Meals on Wheels route once a month. It's an easy way to get in 24 hours because you are credited with two hours each day you do it. We figure we have a built in back-up in each other. We have to contact Meals On Wheels at the Friendship Center and see what routes and what days are open. Ted said he would help me if and when I needed it.

I signed up for a daycare stint, a seniors luncheon, a day at the resale shop and an immunization clinic for children. Junior Forum commits to help other organizations in their endeavors. I have a lot to learn. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is a Happy Hour at the home of the Newcomers President. It is for Activity Chairs as an end-of-year "thank you." I've chaired my bunco group for almost nine years and this is the first time we've been invited to an event to honor us. It's nice.

Thursday is the Newcomers last luncheon of the year and Friday is the last Wind Down of the year. Things are slowing down as the kids get out of school, the heat arrives in earnest and people start leaving for cooler climes.

The last I heard about my friend who had the stroke, she was breathing on her own and talking and moving normally. Hallelujah!

The friends in Memphis replaced their flooded car and are helping his brother with the packing up of his furntiure. The demolition that needs to be done inside started this week. They project 3-4 months not living in the house. By then Brenda and Rick will be in the Pacific Northwest. We have no idea when we'll see them again. They have no plans at this time to return to this area next winter.

And life goes on.

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cdm said...

Once again it sounds like you are way to busy, but I guess it's better than sitting around doing nothing! I'm sure you are getting ready for your trip - hope you can stay in touch! Take care and slow down just a little!!