Friday, May 21, 2010

Let's Roll

We've been tying up loose ends before we head out. Rebecca is here today cleaning and Chris is moving in. She won't be cleaning for him while we're gone but will clean right before we get back. He's tickled with the wi-fi router set up and this chance to not be at his Mom and Dad's for now.

I attended the Happy Hour for the Activity Chairs at the president's home. There are a lot of new, young people I didn't know. But there were many "seasoned" members that I've known for quite some time. It was a fun gathering and I appreciated the gesture by the board in recognizing our contribution to the club.

I also attended the Newcomer's luncheon, the last for this year. I was again recognized for my Activity Chair role and the old and new Boards were honored. I met some more new people and saw many friends. My friend who had the stroke is at a rehab facility now. She has some balance issues but seems to be making great progress with everything else. Another friend who just came home from a round-the-world five month cruise was there also. She's a delight to talk to. She showed me a gold pendant she said had her name written in Arabic. I told her if she ran into someone who knew how to read it she may want to go the other way!

I had two doctor appointments this week so that is all done. All the paperwork I need while we're on the road is in the pouch I take with us. Ted has turned on the refrigerator and it is cold so he has run out to put soft drinks and beer in.

We're moving the RV to Rayford tomorrow and will be there until Tuesday. Ted wants to wash the yellow pollen off the trailer and I'll need to dust and clean a bit inside. We'll run back and forth until we're all loaded up. Tommy & Susan are over there right now and we're having dinner with them on Saturday night. We've been invited to Terry & Carol's Sunday night. On Monday we're hosting a small get together for some of our friends to come see the new RV. We've rented a premium site that has a gas grill as well as an umbrella table and is a much larger site. Ted will grill burgers and we'll toss back a few wines or beers. Tuesday morning we're going to sing a chorus of Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" as we head for Texarkana.

We haven't been successful at Verizon just yet. We are now armed with the exact phone and plan our friend has who tethers. I've printed two things off the internet that talks about it. Just maybe the reps will pay attention when I read the sentence that says "most Verizon reps don't know about this tethering feature." Wish us luck.

I have to make an appetizer for Wind Down tonight. Sure hope someone makes a dessert. It's not a party without it!

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cdm said...

Our favorite song - we sing a chorus every morning when we start out for the day - just wouldn't be traveling without Willie's "on the Road Again"! Take care and be careful on the road! Hope you get the internet situation fixed so we can stay in touch (of course, I really like my air card).