Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quiet Week

It's been a quiet week spent mostly with my new iPod Touch. I have about 700 pictures loaded, a lot of music (with lots more to put on), most of my address book is on and I've sent and received e-mails. So I'm doing good though it hasn't been without trial and error. I haven't started investigating "apps" yet. I really don't think I'd care to read a book off something the size of a cell phone though.

Ted took Terry & Carol to the airport on Tuesday and I fixed a chicken casserole, cranberry relish, cornbread and brownies for my neighbor who just had back surgery. Her daughter-in-law cleans our house and her single son is going to stay here while we're gone this summer. She had the same back surgeon that Ted had.

I went to Susan's Happy Hour at the country club on Wednesday and Teri asked me to join her for her birthday dinner afterwards. Members get a free meal one Wednesday during their birthday month. I agreed and we had a good time. I left my phone at home charging so Ted was wondering why I was gone so long. He had been at the gun club and had eaten on his way home.

We went to Verizon Thursday to determine what we want to do about internet while we are gone. We've gotten by with campground wi-fi, libraries, friends/family internet, Hampton Inns, etc. Our biggest objection to mobile broadband is that you have to sign a 2-year contract and we only want it 3 months out of a year. We learned about phone tethering from other campers. The biggest plus is that you can turn it off and on when you want.

We need a new phone, preferably EVDO Rev-A capable and the tethering cord. It will serve as a modem for our laptop. You can buy an antenna booster too. The month starts on your billing cycle so around May 20 we'll take the laptop to Verizon, buy the phone and cord and have them put it all together and show us how it works. We'll keep the service on while we're gone. In the meantime, Chris will be able to use his laptop off our router at the house.

Last night we went to a cookout and bunco with the church group. Several of the couples have kids making their First Communion. You know you are a generation ahead when your grandchild is doing the same thing, not to mention our oldest grandchild will turn 20 in June!

Tonight is Wine Tasting and I'm making my Piquant Cocktail Meatballs. They are always a big hit. I don't use frozen meatballs. I make my own from scratch and it makes a big difference. Tomorrow is church and not much else but next week is jam packed. Canasta, airport to pick up Terry & Carol, Breakfast Club, yard gets redone, installation luncheon for Junior Forum and Couple's Canasta.

We went to the RV yesterday to change the batteries in our fire alarm and carbon monoxide monitor. Both have been tweeting for awhile. I took a bag full of stuff out so the loading has begun!

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cdm said...

Sounds like you are a busy as usual - and you call that a "quiet week"???? We are settled for a couple of days - getting things cleaned up before we cross the border! Stay in touch!!!