Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moving Day

We took a walk around the lake Thursday night because it never did rain. A few spots were pretty wet and Jim said the lake had been up but was dropping back to normal levels. The temperature has been above average but after the temps and humidity of Houston, it feels great to us.

I think it rained a little through the night but morning dawned sunny and clear. Our spot opened up before we even woke up so first order of the day was to bring in the slides and move across the street backing up to the lake. Once that was done we unhooked and set up inside and out.

Ted washed the trailer (of course) and I vacuumed inside and washed the kitchen floor. Karen called and said they had just come back from the lake. They wanted to get the grass cut before we went down so that didn't have to be done while we were there. She wanted to see our new trailer so we made plans for them to come by to visit and we would go to LaRosa's for a late lunch/early dinner.

The bad news for the day was that her washer has gone kaput! She has a repairman coming Wednesday to look at it. If he can fix it, she'll need the rest of that day to do her own laundry and I won't be able to use it until Thursday. I may be using Jim's new laundry here at the park.

It was good to see both of them and they really liked the new RV. Ronnie was interested in all the new and extra things that we have on this trailer that we didn't have on the other. Karen was content to admire the inside. We visited for awhile and then went to have a pizza.

They left early evening and we went into Lawrenceburg to Wal-Mart (where else?). We needed bottled water, a battery for the awning remote, cards for the graduation party today and the wedding next week and shaving cream for Ted. If you ever need bar soap at Wal-Mart it isn't in the grocery aisle with soap, it is in the healthy and beauty aisle in the pharmacy area - clear across the store! I didn't know soap was a cosmetic.

We sat outside until dark, then came in for a little TV before turning in. Today we go to Vicki's graduation party. We'll get to see a lot of my family and Ted will get to visit Todd's horses.

We are coming back here to sleep, go to church tomorrow morning and then head down to the lake for the rest of the Memorial Day weekend. We'll be back sometime Tuesday and have dinner plans with the couple who were our Maid of Honor and Best Man at our wedding.

I'm not sure how this feature got turned on but I can see everything I type translated into Spanish. I just have to put the cursor on a word and the Spanish comes up. If I highlight a whole sentence and put the cursor anywhere on it, the whole sentence gets translated. Maybe my computer is missing home!

We called Chris and everything is going OK. Nothing of importance has come in the mail. I told him just to throw all the ads in the recycle bin.

Have a great weekend or in Spanish, Tener un gran fin de semana!

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