Saturday, May 8, 2010

Temperature Yesterday - 95!

It's time to be getting out of Dodge. Now I know that is in Kansas but it sums up our feelings right about now. Spring was certainly short.

When I picked up Terry & Carol on Tuesday at the airport I was not allowed to stop outside and wait. They kept everyone moving. We found out later they had to blow up a suitcase at the airport. That, coupled with the Times Square incident, put them on high alert. I had just been waved on when Carol called and said they had arrived 25 minutes early, had their bags and were ready. It took me another 10 minutes to circle back around.

Wednesday was Continental Breakfast and is the last one I will attend until October. I think this is a great group because it allows new people to just drop in, meet new people and some seasoned members, and get info on the group. It's also allows new people to learn about stores, hairdressers, doctors, shopping, schools, etc. It's a great introduction to the area with no commitment whatsoever.

Our front yard didn't get revamped on Thursday. I received a call that they were behind on the morning job and they needed to start ours by 1 o'clock to finish by dark. So now it is set for Monday afternoon. I'm playing Canasta and Ted has a doctor appointment but they said it's not necessary for us to be here. Ted drove over and back to Beaumont and was surprised when he came home to nothing having been done. All in good time I guess.

Friday was the Junior Forum installation luncheon. It was held at the conference center and was very well done. The incoming board was feted with songs from the "choir" about each of their jobs such as "She Works Hard for the Money" for the treasurer. The whole skit was a hoot and turned what could have been a boring program into a very fun one. Afterwards, Susan and I went to a vendors' private showing of items in one of the Brownstones on the waterway. I had never been in one of them. They are four stories, fairly narrow and didn't appeal to me at all. But to each his own.

Susan invited us to join them at the country club for the Friday night buffet. When we arrived, Terry, Carol, Jody, Dave, Susan and Vince were already there. Dan and Maria came in right behind us. We had a nice evening and came home about 9 o'clock.

Tonight is Couples Canasta at Jeff and Connie's. We'll go to church at 5, hit Chik-Fil-A at 6 and then head on over right before 7. That gives us tomorrow with nothing planned for Mother's Day. We'll come up with something and if we don't, a quiet day at home is always welcome.

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cdm said...

Finally found a campground with internet - why don't you send some of that warm air this way - was 28 this morning and ran into more snow on the way to Dawson Creek - temperature in the 40's this afternoon. Don't know when I'll be able to post again - Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!!