Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Midwestern Hayride

We left this morning and talked about the young man in a light suit, skinny tie and flat top that sang on the Midwestern Hayride in Cincinnati during the 50's. He was Hugh Nelson ... later to become Willie Nelson. And so we're On the Road Again.

Wind Down was a huge success with close to 70 people attending. However, the heat index was high with so many people there. Every bottle of wine and water was consumed.

Saturday Ted pulled the RV over to Rayford and started washing the outside. When I arrived with the Expedition loaded down, he and Tommy were almost finished. Late in the afternoon Jay and Stella arrived and we all went to Pit Master BBQ to eat. We ran into Jody and Dave who were also having dinner.

When we came out of church on Sunday morning we called back to the campground and told the others to meet us at IHOP. I had not brought the refrigerator items over yet and we really had nothing to fix for breakfast. We finished settling things inside the RV, visited with the others, took a short nap and then went to Terry & Carol's house for dinner along with Susan, Vince, Lynn and Adrian. It was excellent ... shrimp cocktail, roast beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes and asparagus. That was followed up with a banana cake for dessert.

Monday was D-Day. We had to get all our ducks in a row. We went back to check on Chris at the house and make sure he had all the keys and info he needed. We packed up the rest of the food, some odds and ends and then headed to Sam's to prepare for our "trailerwarming" party.

Tommy was such a big help. He brought us a cooler full of ice and his electric ice maker. We set up our travel table and two of his. He and Ted brought Tommy's umbrella table and chairs to our site. They also brought over Jay's picnic table. I was inside slicing tomatoes, onions and chopping up lettuce. I ran in and out many, many times getting the drinks, food, utensils, etc. all set up.

We had such a fun time showing off our new trailer to so many of our friends. I think everyone enjoyed our little get together. We had a Premium Site at the park and had plenty of room for the group. Afterwards Tommy, Susan, Jay and Stella all helped us get things back where they belonged. We sat and visited for awhile and then we had to take my car back home. It was late when we got back and we were both really tired and went right to bed.

This morning we left at 8:15 and pulled into Texarkana, AR at 2:30. We set up and went to the pool for a few hours. We've had dinner and are sitting in our theater recliners watching the finales on TV tonight.

Tomorrow's destination is Sikeston, MO. We'll be having dinner at Lambert's, home of the "throwed rolls." There's a convenient campground, cheapest diesel and great restaurant all at one exit!!

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Jay said...

Hope you have a safe trip and lots and lots of fun!