Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Week And Counting Until Europe

Our weekend went as planned for a change. Ted went skeet shooting up in Conroe on Saturday and I ran errands trying to get caught up on everything for our trip. I'm not sure which end of a trip, going or coming, is the most hectic.

We went to church at five and then on to Terry & Carol's to sub in their church bunco group. We had a great time but didn't win anything. The last quarter of the U. of Houston/Texas Tech football game was on and was close. The last five minutes were downright exciting as Houston pulled it out right at the end. It was well after midnight when we got home. We seldom stay out past 10:30 or so anymore.

Sunday was Ted's 65th birthday so he spent the day opening his gifts, talking to family and friends on the phone calling with good wishes and watching ... football! In the evening we went to Macaroni Grill with about two dozen people. Carol and Jody brought a large birthday cake and everyone joined in singing and wishing Ted a happy birthday.

We were up bright and early Monday to go to Legendery Oaks golf course in Hempstead where we met Jim and LeAnne for a 10 o'clock tee time. We left the fellows there and headed to Brenham for a jeweler. I needed a new watch band and I had pulled the pearl off my earring the night before. The first jeweler was closed on Monday but the second was open. They fixed me up in no time and we were on our way to Bellville.

The Texas Boomers are having a rally at Coushatte Ranch in Bellville. LeAnne said she thought I should take a look at it before I committed to go. We did and it's just not my kind of campground. It's very big with permanent residents in various types of mobile homes, trailers, RVs, etc. The trees need trimming, the roads are not well defined and the sites are helter skelter. I think we'll skip this rally and perhaps go to Rayford for the Halloween Chili Cook-Off the weekend before instead. We'll just be getting back so we may opt to just stay home! That would be novel.

We went back to LeAnne's house in Brenham and waited for the guys to get finished. They came home and we drove to Carmine, TX (Jim said this is Car-Mean, not Car-Mine). There was a new Texas Roadhouse type restaurant they had heard good things about. Ted had a T-bone and I had chicken fried chicken. It's a Texas thing y'all might not understand. There's also chicken fried steak but that doesn't appeal to me. It was very good but I could eat only half my dinner. The rolls melted in your mouth.

Round Top, Texas is an antique area and their fall event is just starting. There were a few stores right around the corner from the restaurant so we meandered around. We came to a store with a BB gun collection, going back to the 1800s, in the back. Jim and Ted had a grand time back there looking at the guns and talking to the owner. None of us bought anything but it was fun to look.

We stopped in the town of Burton, TX on the way home just to drive through to see it. There are tiny towns like this scattered all over Texas. They aren't even one stoplight towns. They are lucky to have one stop sign. Burton has a cotton mill but it is now up for sale. And time marches on. After a little visiting back at their house, we came on home but it was 8:30 before we arrived.

Today I had a dermotologist appointment in the morning and a funeral luncheon to help with in the afternoon. Ted left for Beaumont, TX right after I got home but he'll be back tomorrow. After walking with Geri, I have a dentist appointment and then my time is free for the day.

Our granddaugher Morgan is having her eardrum repaired tomorrow morning so I'll be anxiously awaiting a call from my daugher Kara about her progress. She had a bad infection that ruptured the eardrum and it has not repaired itself. It's a 2-3 hour operation and is very delicate. Your prayers will be appreciated.

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