Monday, September 7, 2009

17 States, 108 Days, almost 11,000 Miles

We're Home!! After a great weekend with the Texas Boomers in Burleson, we pulled out at 8:30 this morning and drove straight to Rayford Crossing. We arrived about 12:30 so it was a four hour trip. Gwen and Billy, the owners, were glad to see us and we visited for almost an hour before starting our work.

I had packed up some of our clothes, toiletries, food, etc. and put it all in the truck along with the laundry and we came to the house. I stayed here while Ted went back and cleaned the carpet three times! Then he washed the front and back of the trailer before coming home.

In the meantime I unpacked what I brought home, started the laundry and did some things in the office. Tomorrow I'll pack up the rest of the stuff at the trailer and clean it while Ted does the two sides. We paid for two nights but I think we'll probably put it back in storage tomorrow at whatever time we get finished. There's no rush since we're good until 11 a.m. on Wednesday. We may decide to make use of the pool in the afternoon.

My sister-in-law left a miniature rose and some homemade brownies on our counter. When I opened the refrigerator there was milk, eggs, bacon, bread, butter, juice, coffee and yogurt that she had put in there. What a great surprise and so much appreciated. She is very thoughtful. When I called to thank her she invited us for a cookout tonight. They had two couples coming over but I declined. I knew Ted would be tired and not want to get cleaned up and go back out.

We had an absolutely marvelous summer and nothing can ever match the memories we made. People ask if we get tired of being in the RV or being together 24/7. The answer to both is no. I love having the RV to visit friends and family for as long as we want without imposing. And we consider it a motel room on wheels when we are sightseeing and vacationing. When I'm done doing that, however, I want to come back home.

I have several appointments to keep over the next couple of weeks before we leave for Europe. Then there's the matter of packing for 17 days in cooler weather. For now I'm just going to enjoy being in my own house for the first time since May 22.

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Rick and Brenda said...

Glad y'all made it home safely.
We are still in the Seattle area. We are up at Fred and Becky's lake area and headed for Thunderbird RV Resort this morning.
It was a wonderful summer. Enjoyed being with you and Ted.
See you in November.