Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We got set up in the last spot in the second row at RV Ranch and most of the week just looked at all the empty spots in the first two rows. They would fill in as the Boomers arrived but for the first couple of days we were on our own.

Ted went to Fort Worth on Tuesday and to the Wall Street Journal in Plano on Wednesday. By Thursday, folks were arriving. I knew David and Don would both be in and have something planned for dinner. Sure enough David had made sausage and chicken gumbo and Don had dirty rice and sausage. New Boomers, friends of David and Charlotte, made cole slaw and potato salad so I baked a peach cobbler and we bought some Blue Bell ice cream. We spent a great evening together.

On Friday all the spaces filled up and the festivities began. There were 26 pizzas ordered for Friday night and a movie was shown. Some of us ladies opted to play LCR in another room. Sandy's young niece who stopped for a visit and played with us said she wouldn't mind getting older if she could be like all of us. A few bottles of wine, a few jokes and it went downhill from there.

Saturday morning was a pancake breakfast followed by more LCR. We took a break and later on played Pegs and Jokers. Unfortunately I've not been on the winning part of any of these games! Ted went to the Fort Worth Skeet Club to shoot so we both had pleasant afternoons.

Dinner was a Mexican potluck followed by our Chinese auction. It's a bit different in that there are lots of packages - some wrapped beautifully, some in brown bags - but you don't know what you're bidding on. I bought several and actually fared very well. The funniest gift brought was a pregnancy test. There wasn't a person in the room who had any use for one but it sure caused a lot of laughter. One item I purchased will be perfect for our friend Jay as soon as he gets back from Colorado. I'll give it to him next time I see him.

Tomorrow we'll go to church early and then there's a pastry and coffee social. Nothing else is planned but something always comes up. We will probably start getting things ready for leaving on Monday.

We received a phone call that our friend from Michigan is visiting her daughter in Magnolia and will be here until at least Thursday. We have to be sure to fit in a visit with her for sure. Her husband died two years ago right after visiting with us. He was a good friend to both of us and we miss him. It will be great to see Chris again.

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