Monday, June 9, 2008

Wild Weather Weekend

Saturday we went to Freedom Hill amphitheater for our oldest granddaughter Cassie's hgh school graduation. Her Grandma Duda, Aunt Kara and boyfriend Robert also were there along with her parents. Ally was home sick.

There were over 400 kids and it took almost three hours. Except for the monotonous reading of all the names, the speeches were actually very good. Afterwards we all went to Red Robin for a late lunch. Ted and I went back to Kara's while I did laundry and we went to St. Thomas More for 5 o'clock Mass. It was late when we got back to the campground.

Ted went shooting Sunday and I prepared for the kids to come for dinner. We set their small pool up in a stand of pine trees next to our RV so we could sit in the shade. There was a nice breeze blowing and it was quite pleasant. Ted had given Sam a fishing rod and reel for his birthday so he and Allen took Sam to the lake to learn to cast. When they came back Ted started the grill. Just as we were about to sit down to eat, a storm blew up. We hurried to get the food inside.

Then the sirens went off. We grabbed the kids and headed to the bathhouse. Ted thought staying dry and eating his dinner was more important so he stayed put. When the all clear came the pop-up across from us had been ripped apart, a tree split in two and just missed a trailer and car two sites from us and trees in the woods had the tops snapped off. We were very lucky.

The power went out and never did come back on. Today they said it may be tomorrow night before we get it back. A night without his CPAP machine causes Ted a restless night so this afternoon we came to Kara's prepared to stay if their prediction is true. We did OK without electricity though using our propane to cook and we switched the water heater to propane. We used our 12V lights. We have a Black & Decker Storm Center that gave us a flashlight, another light, a radio, a weather station and an inverter to charge our cell phones. It's the CPAP machine that makes electricity so important to us. Since Kara has been out to the park three times and it has rained all three times our RV neighbors asked if maybe she could stay away!

We are watching the kids until Kara and Allen come home. I'm fixing dinner and Ted has gone to pick up our truck and turn in the rental car.

This trip sure is taking twists and turns from our original plans. We have had to be flexible but as long as we get to attend all the celebrations - graduations, recitals, Father's Day and birthdays, how we spend the rest of our time here doesn't matter as long as we are all together.

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