Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still No Power

It is now Tuesday afternoon and there are 200,000 people still without power. They now say it will be tomorrow night before it is all restored. Northern Oakland County was hit the hardest, is the least populated, is where the campground is, so we expect to be last. Many schools are still closed, traffic lights remain out and some roads are still blocked. The road we take north from the campground to I-69 was closed when we left up there. Good thing we were headed south.

We spent from Sunday evening until Monday afternoon without electricity at the campground before coming into Kara's. It looks as if we'll be here one more night. Ted is golfing out near the campground tomorrow morning so we'll have some more juggling to do.

The other problem is Ted's dentist has no power and he is trying to get Ted's new plate done in less time than normal and now we have this power hold-up. Dennis is a good friend and great dentist and is jumping through hoops to get this done in time. They just called and asked Ted to come right down. Some progress I hope but they said they still don't have power! If they get power his tee time for tomorrow morning may be in jeopardy.

Let's see now, we've had to deal with the front tooth issue, the broken bedroom glide chain, the truck leaking issue, and now the power outage ... and we've only been gone three weeks. We got the truck back yesterday and so far it seems OK. At least we have two more weeks around here to make sure it is all right.

Let's hope all our troubles remain these small inconveniences.

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