Saturday, June 7, 2008

Promised Pictures

This is the entrance to Addison Oaks, a lovely lane of weeping willows. It reminds me of the scene in Sound of Music where the kids are hanging from the trees in the play clothes Maria made from drapes. It was the Buhl Family's country estate. They were a prominent Detroit family and there is still a Buhl Building in downtown Detroit. Oakland County now owns it. The house has been turned into a conference center/banquet hall and Kara had her wedding reception here in 1992.

The campground has 4 loops in a wooded setting. There is a fishing and boating lake, swimming beach, pavilions, disc golf and weekend entertainment. It's about 15 miles north of Troy and a delightful place to stay while we are in the area.

This is a picture of Sam in one of the five relay races he participated in during Field Day. We were the cheering section.

Here is the Bounce House that was the big birthday present for Morgan and Sam.

Friday was a trip into Rochester to go to the library to use their wi-fi, haircut for me and a grocery shopping trip. Kara, Allen and kids came out to the RV for dinner. We just finished eating and a big storm blew up. We were all stuck inside and the electricity went out. They left about 9 o'clock and told us to come to their house if we didn't get electricity back. It came on about 10:30. Until then Ted had been listening to the radio and I was reading by flashlight. All's well that ends well.

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