Monday, June 23, 2008

A Week Plus In Review

We went to Sacred Heart Church at 4 o’clock on Saturday and Kara joined us. Then we went to her house where Allen had cooked some Omaha Steakburgers I brought in from the RV. We ate quickly because we had to be at the dance recital at 7 o’clock.

What can I say except that Ally was SUPERB! She was in 7 different numbers (thus 7 different costumes) and didn’t miss a beat in any of them. This is her first year in the Repertory Company where they dance en pointe (on their toes). She also studies jazz, tap, pom-pom and ballet. The hit of the show for me was when her daddy danced to Hound Dog and then with her to All Shook Up. What wonderful memories he is creating for her by taking the time from his busy schedule to attend the practices and then to perform in front of an entire theater full of people. Way to go Patrick!

Sunday was Father’s Day and Kara cooked a scrumptious meal of meatballs and spaghetti. She said it is my recipe but it sure tastes better when someone else makes it. She is a much better cook than I am in my estimation. Ted had gone shooting in the morning and Patrick went to play soccer at 6 p.m. so it was a busy coming and going kind of day. I did a load of laundry and went through our box of mail. The kids are all so happy that Kristin is here. She just loves being with all four of them and they love having her here.

Monday morning we were back in Troy in the morning for Ally’s “Promotion Ceremony.” They don’t call it graduation. Ted had a 10 o’clock with the dentist but made it to Larson Middle School in time for the ceremony. If you have ever seen a Chrysler ad with a mini-van driving away with a sticker on the bumper, it says Larson Middle School. I don’t know the details but they won the honor of being in that ad.

It was back to the dentist for Ted on Tuesday. Dennis is trying to make up for the week without power since we are time constrained. Afterwards we went to Kelly’s and made 15 lbs. of BBQ for the party on Friday night.

Ted golfed on Wednesday and I just took my time straightening up, getting a shower, getting dressed and reading my book. Ted had to go into the dentist after golfing so he was gone most of the day. I enjoyed the relaxation since we have been on the go so much.

Thursday was Cassie’s 18th birthday and we planned a pizza party at the RV. We bought a birthday cake and ice cream too. Right before everyone was to arrive it rained and the table and benches were all wet so we called the Pizzeria outside the park and asked if we could have it there. It only holds 16 people inside so we pretty much filled it up. There were a few tables on the porch and Kristin took Sam and Morgan there to give them a little more room. We ordered the family special to feed the 12 of us. The manager was so gracious in allowing me to bring my own cake and ice cream. I took plates, napkins and forks so we didn’t use their supplies for food we hadn’t purchased from them. Kara’s friend Shannon joined us with her new baby Katie who is 3 months old. She wanted us to see her before we left and we’re running out of time. It was getting late when we were finished and no one came back to the RV.

Oh, the traffic and lines on Friday! Our jobs for the party were to pick up the two sub platters in downtown Rochester on our way in, go to Meijer’s for 25 two-liter bottles of pop, stop at the balloon store to pick up two different “bouquets,” go to Costco to pick up the two cakes and two cases of water, and finally, get 5 bags of ice. It took us three hours! They say Michigan’s economy is in the toilet but you couldn’t prove they were bothered by $4 gas from the traffic or lack of jobs by the lines in the stores. Add bad roads and construction and … well you get the picture!

The party for Pat & Kelly’s 20th anniversary, Cassie’s 18th birthday and graduation and Ally’s Confirmation and completion of middle school was held at the Troy Community Center. Kristin did a slide show of Cassie from birth through graduation that was played on a 37” TV for everyone. A video of Ally dancing through the years played as well. It was a great gathering and we had a chance to see a few friends we otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

We attended Alexandria’s graduation party on Saturday. She is the daughter of my former boss at Celanese and she is Kara’s babysitter. We were able to visit with my other former boss, his wife, another gal I worked with and the wife of one of the college interns who was there before I left. They had two tents – one for sitting, one for the catering and it was especially nice. It was almost 9 when we got home.

Sunday we got up early and went to 9 o'clock Mass at St. Andrew's and then stopped at Walgreen's for my Lipitor and Papa Joe's for fruit. I was making a fruit salad for a party with all our golf, bowling and church friends from our years in Troy. Most have moved to other areas around Troy and really haven't seen each other for several years so it was a big reunion for everyone. Of course, Bob G., Bob A. and Len H. were all missed. They were a big part of the group but have passed on in the last few years. We are especially grateful to Chris and Linda for hosting the event.

Monday we took Kristin to the airport and it was back to the dentist for Ted. He dropped me at Kelly's and I did laundry while I waited for him. Then he dropped me at the library while he went to Sam's baseball practice. I'm really behind in the bills and correspondence so I needed the time to catch up before we leave. I don't know if I'll have internet access in St. Mary's, OH or not. In the past I've worked off one of the workamper's connection. But he may not be there this year ... or he may have tightened his security. So we'll just have to wait and see.,

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