Friday, June 13, 2008

Hooray! Power!

It was late Wednesday afternoon when we finally got power back (3 days without). We left Kara's about 7 a.m. on Wednesday after spending a second night here. Ted had an 8:30 tee time about 10 minutes away from the campground. He drove me back, got his clubs and met Chris, Steve and Jeff plus some others for a round of golf.

We decided to stay at the RV until later that evening before going back into Troy. We were sitting outside with the gal from the next camper when the generator for the bathhouse stopped and her strip lights came on! I checked and our refrigerator had switched back to electric and our alarm clock was flashing. What a relief. However there are still 50,000 without power and tempers are getting short.

Yesterday we drove to a new shopping area near Great Lakes Crossing. I wanted to use my Talbot Gift Card I received from Kristin for Mother's Day and mail my Dad's Father's Day card. We also needed to pick up a white T-shirt and transfer paper so Kara could make Sam's Alphabet Letter shirt for party day. He chose the letter A. We dropped that off when no one was home and went back to our humble abode. We caulked two things on the RV, took a walk, had dinner, took another walk, sat outside for awhile and then watched TV until bedtime.

Today we came in for Sam's end of the year party. I got to serve PB&J uncrustables and fruit kabobs. Then we had an assembly. It was about a book of Mandy and Pandy to teach kids some basic Chinese words. Now I don't think I could find one Chinese person in Texas to speak Chinese to but Spanish would be a different story. Here in Troy, Chinese is probably very helpful. In fact, five Chinese children from the class got up to help the man teach the others to count to 10 in Chinese.

We came back to Kara's for some lunch and to do a load of laundry. I am staying with Morgan while she naps and Ted, Kara and Sam are at Dick's Sporting Goods buying Allen a present for Father's Day.

Kristin is due in tonight but Allen will go got her. She is staying here with them. We would have to hang around here all day and get home very, very late back at the campground if we picked her up. I may have to take her back to the airport for her return flight because it is a Monday and Ted has a dentist appt. at the same time. I'll love driving I-75, I-696 and I-94 in our truck!

Speaking of the dentist, other than the impressions and choosing the teeth size and color, Ted hasn't had any other appts. because they still don't have power. I sure hope they have it by Monday when he has another appt.

Here is my favorite graduation picture of Cassie. She was walking past our seats on the way to hers with the class. Her party is next Friday. Her gift from us was a cruise to the Mexican Riviera in February along with the rest of her family and Kristin. It feels wierd not to have a gift to hand her though. Ally is graduating 8th grade on Monday too. Kelly and Pat celebrated their 20th anniversary April 30 so the cruise was one big celebration.

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Kristin said...

I am glad you were able to use your gift card. What did you get?