Monday, June 2, 2008

Eating, Eating, Eating

When everyone asks what we've been doing I tell them "mostly eating." It seems we can't visit without food around! Oh my poor waistline.

Friday night we met Ted's siblings for dinner at the Ashton Oak Golf Course where his sisters live. They and his one brother that remain in Cincinnati have moved to Cleves or North Bend which makes Indian Springs very convenient besides it being so close to I-275. My sister doesn't live too far either. And now the campground has added sewers so we have full hookups.

On Saturday Ted took me to the baby shower and he left with his brothers-in-law for lunch and to watch the Reds game. It was so nice seeing everyone again and meeting Kathy's in-laws. She had quite a crowd. Here is a picture of those attending from our side of the family. The second photo is Aunt Ann and Aunt Eileen that I wrote about previously. I didn't take my camera to the wedding and didn't get their picture. It's hard to believe they are 96 and 80.

We missed all the late afternoon Masses but found one at 7:30 pm at St. Simon so we went there. We passed on Betsy's birthday bash at a bar in Mt. Adams because we wanted to go to church. Also, our truck on those tiny, windy streets plus terrible parking accommodations made us leery of trying to drive the truck up there.

Sunday Ted went shooting again at Fairfield Gun Club while I prepared a fruit salad and deviled eggs (more food!) because Karen and Bill were coming for dinner. We have been friends since the early 60's. Karen has a short video clip made at our first house in Delhi. Kelly is about a year old and their Craig is just an infant. In the film I come walking down the hallway brushing my hair and the looks and mannerisms are a dead ringer for our Kristin. I would love to have that piece of their anniversary video on a separate tape. When they left the sky was beautiful and I took a picture. It doesn't do the sunset justice.

Today Ted is going to the Enquirer retiree's monthly luncheon to see the fellows. I am going to Karen's to do laundry. I also need to get my hair cut if I can work that in. We will be heading to Michigan tomorrow.

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