Friday, June 6, 2008

We're in Michigan and doing OK

I wanted to download a few pictures when I wrote up the last couple of days but I'm at the library and don't have access to them right now. So I'll save them for later.

We left Cincinnati Tuesday morning in a light rain but had driven out of it in under an hour. We arrived at Addison Oaks and were backed-in, set up and had our feet up by 2 p.m. At 4 p.m. Kara arrived with the kids.

I had foam stickies, crayons and paper plus the parrothead hats and leis for them to play with. Sam made me a picture and it's on the microwave now. Just as we were heading to the playground it started raining so we ended up inside. We have a 5 disk set of old cartoons shown in the 50s and the kids love them. When they got hungry we fed them the old stand-bys - mac and cheese, yogurt and juice boxes.

Wednesday Ted had his first appt. with Dennis, the dentist. We have three more on the next 3 Mondays. He doesn't see a problem with getting the new plate done in that timeframe. We had dinner with Kara and were spending the night so we could attend Sam's Field Day at school on Thursday and his birthday party that afternoon. Cassie came by to visit and had dinner with us. Ally and Patrick were at dance reheasal (he dances in the Daddy/Daughter dance) and Kelly was getting a haircut. It was a nice surprise that she stopped by.

We were at Hamilton Elementary at 8:45 to cheer the kids on. It was 5 different relay races. The PE teacher asked me, Ted and Allen to stay all day because we were the best "cheerers" she had ever seen. It was a lot of fun. We barely made it home in time for the party guests to arrive. The big present was a Bounce House that was inflated in the yard. I think there were 10 kids plus several mothers and Kara served pizza, salad and chicken salad along with TWO birthday cakes - Scooby Doo for Sam and Tinkerbell for Morgan.

Today I am FINALLY going to get a haircut and stop at the market for a little grocery shopping. I think Kara and family are coming out tonight.

Tomorrow is Cassie's graduation ceremony so we'll be in Sterling Heights for that.

A wrinkle in our "best laid plans" has been a leak in the truck. We had a repair done in TX that supposedly fixed it. They said it was a cracked tube by a valve. At Karen's and again at Kara's we had more drips. Ted took it to a Ford dealer here and it is a leaking seal. We left the truck yesterday and rented a Ford Fusion until Monday. With gas prices, it could be a wash in the end as far as expense.

Ted has a few choice words for Gullo Ford in Conroe, TX when we get back. We're in luck because our warranty is 5 years (up June 15) or 100,000 miles and we're almost at 97,000. If it was going to happen, now is better than later.

More when I have the pictures to share.

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