Sunday, July 2, 2017

Starting the 4th at Lake Conroe

I made my red, white and blue salad and we went to Pelican Bay to start the 4th of July weekend at Gerre and Barry's.  There were about 35 people in attendance.  I immediately went in the pool hoping hanging on a noodle would stretch the vertebrae in my back enough to give me some relief.  I was fine in the pool but it started acting up as soon as I got out.  I sat several different places trying to get comfortable but nothing was helping.  We had a virtual feast for dinner before heading across the bridge to Fay's house who lives directly on the lake across from the firework display.  

We rode in the golf cart and my back really didn't like that.  Then to add insult to injury, I walked right into Fay's storm door!  I wondered why she had the door standing wide open, but it wasn't!  I left a nose and forehead imprint!  Thankfully, other than startling myself, I was okay.  The decks were full and we had a great display to enjoy.  My back liked the ride back even less than the ride over!  We gathered our swim stuff, left the remaining salad and came home.  I immediately laid down with my ice pack and once my back calmed down, I went to bed.

I was still hurting Sunday morning and Ted said I should skip church so he went without me.  I did my PT, Ted's back exercises and some Kristin had sent from Vancouver.  That along with the ice pack and Tylenol arthritis finally brought some relief.  Ted received a call from Steve so he went shooting.  I kept the ice pack company and not much else.  Ted grilled a flat iron steak for dinner and tomorrow's dinner will be fajitas made with the leftover steak!

Monday the PT examiner failed to show.  I still don't know why.  We waited around and finally gave up and went to HEB for groceries, Kohl's looking for a patriotic shirt but found none, then went to Walmart for a new kitchen garbage can.  The only shirt they had was blue with red and white striped skull and cross bones.  No thank you!  I decided to make do with what I had at home.

Tuesday we spent the morning listening to the music channel that was playing all patriotic music.  I made another salad and mid afternoon we went to Terry and Carol's for ribs and to play cards.  Two other couples came but after we ate, no one wanted to play cards and by 7:30 the party broke up.  Only Jody and Dave were headed to the fireworks but that wasn't going to happen for two hours.  My back was killing me from sitting so long and we headed for home a little after 8:00.

The PT guy didn't show at 9:00 Wednesday but about 10:00 the Monday guy called and asked to come. He said he was too busy to come (and obviously too busy to call!) on Monday.  He was unable to leave the paperwork so Vinnie didn't come Wednesday.  Whatever!  He wants me to continue after we return in August but I don't think that will be necessary but we'll see.  I have to get permission to go first.

Then our sprinkler guys came and went over our entire sprinkling system.  I am not sure just what they all did but they spent a fair amount of time doing it.  Our new sod looks great and I want it to stay that way.

I had agreed to host mahjong on Wednesday.  Ted set up the tables and chairs for me.  All you need is drinks for this group so it wasn't any trouble.  You can't play at the kitchen or dining room tables so I put two card tables in the hall and adjoining sitting area.  Stephanie, the teacher, said it was just fine.  I still haven't had a mahjongg and I am supposed to know what I am doing!

Ted had made himself scarce all afternoon and when he came home he put the two tables and 8 chairs back on the racks in the garage and we went to get a burger at Culver's.  I always get the kid's burger and fries and it comes with a scoop of custard.  They even give their 10% senior discount on it! We came home and watched TV.  We needed to get up early on Thursday for my stress test.

We arrived at 8:30 and I was taken in right away.  They started a line in my right hand, injected one vial and said to go wait for 45 minutes.  When they called me again I had to lie down and the equipment moved over me from right to left.  That took 16 minutes.  Then I went in another room where they put 10 leads on me, injected me with threes vials of something and said the test would take just one minute but would make me feel weird.  It made me a bit woozy and started a headache.  They brought me a cup of coffee to act as an antidote and by the time I finished it, I was fine.  We had to wait 45 more minutes and then with 3 leads on, have more pictures taken for 11 minutes.  Tuesday is my follow up appointment.

Ted made a pot of chili for dinner.  It has been hot but it sounded good to me and it really was!  

Vinny came on Friday and will come Monday and Wednesday next week until the doctor advises me on Tuesday.  I am up to 20 rotations with 3 lb. weights and 10 minutes on the pedaling machine.  

We have a busy weekend.  It just sort of crept up on us.  Tucker is coming tonight to stay for two weeks and then we are having dinner at Saltgrass and seeing Nine to Five at our community theater.  I had given these tickets to Gerre because we didn't expect to be here so when things changed I asked if she had invited anyone already.  She hadn't, so we all are going!

Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things,
hope makes a person stronger in his bad times,
hope makes you realize that it isn't the end,
hope makes you realize there's God and he is
with you no matter if you are fighting alone,
 hope makes you believe the power of love,
hope makes you understand that it's good to
share things instead of hiding them,
 Never lose hope, it gives you wings and it's
up to you where you want to fly.

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