Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I Can Pack!

Wednesday was my second last PT day.  When we were finished I did my morning chores and then we went to the trailer to measure the couch and media chairs.  But the slide wouldn't go out.  And the level up system screen is blank.  We have 12 volt at the battery and had a new hydraulic pump installed last year and we checked the fuses and breakers so we are at a loss.  We have several calls out to see if there is a small thing we are missing.  If that doesn't do it we will have to call a mobile service because with the legs not going up, we can't hook up.  

So we came home and I went to the doctor because he would not refill the UTI medicine they gave me at the hospital without seeing me.  I had to go to Quest for a urine sample and of course it was closed for lunch so I came home.  I went back later without incident and I immediately received a text that my prescription was ready.  So I went to Walmart right from there.

Isabelle had not arrived by the time I got back.  In fact, she never showed up at all!  I always get my calendar out when I check for the next time and I write it right there in front of her.  She never writes anything down though.  Tomorrow Ted and I are both going to be gone over lunch time so I will just wait to see what her response to my text is.

All in all, it was an aggravating day, not much got accomplished and I don't even know if this medicine (which is not what they gave me at the hospital) will work since he called it in before he had any results.  I am hoping for a better tomorrow!

Thursday was a better day.  It was the neighborhood ladies lunch and I rode with Dana, Gail and Jeanette.  There were 12 in all but they had a 4 seat booth and a small table of 6 set up.  There was a round table next to the 6 topper so I just moved the 4 set ups from the booth, got 2 more chairs and told the waitress we would be needing 2 more set ups because we were 12, not 10.  Mission accomplished.  I liked sitting at the round table because it makes it so easy to talk to everyone.  We had a nice lunch, great conversation and didn't get home until 2:15.  Isabelle was due at 3:00.  

Ted came home and said he had tried everything he could think of at the trailer and all the suggestions and finally someone had suggested something I can't explain but it worked.  So Friday we will jerry rig the battery to get the legs up so we can take it to the repair shop.  

We waited all afternoon and Isabelle called at 6:00.  Her excuse Wednesday was she lost her phone and couldn't call me.  I am not sure what she wanted to tell me.  Thursday's excuse was she waited and waited for the afternoon lady to come home to pay her.  I told her it was too late and call me next week.  I think this arrangement is on the short list now.  Since we are leaving I will worry about it later.  

Friday we were up early and got dressed to take the trailer to the RV repair shop.  Ted used the jumper cable to get power from the battery to the hydraulic pump so he could lift the legs.  The whole road out is under construction with a couple detours but we made it.  He backed into the spot they showed him and we left.  Jay and Stella were coming up this way to have the brakes on their truck replaced.  We had agreed to meet them and Susan and Tommy for lunch and a visit.  Once we got home we called Jay and offered to bring them to our house while they waited so Ted went to pick them up.  We had a nice  visit and eventually left to meet the others. After lunch we came home and it was already 3:30.

Saturday is another work day for Ted for an outing at the gun club.  We have nothing planned except church in the afternoon.  I am going to use the time to get my clothes together for our trip.  Next week will be busy probably with the things we have scheduled and the last minute things that will pop up.


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