Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sleep, What a Wonderful Thing

Thursday afternoon after my friends left, Ted came home and suggested we go to Mama Juanita's for dinner.  He never gets an argument from me when he suggests eating out!  We chose to sit out on the patio because the weather and sunset were just glorious!

We had just ordered when two couples from our neighborhood came in and we decided to all sit together.  The ladies have lunch and the men have lunch but we don't all get together as couples quite as often.  There has been a problem down the street with a Class B RV parked in a driveway.  That is a no-no!  The lady claimed she needed it to transport her mother.  It came to light she is actually in a nursing home!  She was told by the HOA that her vehicle dimensions exceed what is allowable.  Part of the problem is she has a small trailer in the garage, she and her daughter each have a car and then this Class B on a small cul-de-sac.  It not only does not follow the covenants, it presents a dangerous situation if an emergency vehicle needs access to any of those homes.  Our RV is way bigger than a Class B but I have to pay to store it.  That is part of the expense of living In a deed restricted community.

We came home to watch Amazing Race and I went to bed before the news was over.  And I slept until 8:30!  I need to eat Mexican every night!  I felt so much better in the morning.  

I am still working on closets so we took our huge laundry bag filled with things that needed to go back to the trailer out to storage.  Ted was hungry so we stopped at Popeye's and I had the one chicken tender kid meal.  He called my brother Dan during lunch to discuss our October trip to New Braunfels for the Sporting Clay competitions in San Antonio.  The subject now is golf carts.  I am working on the sleeping arrangement for 5 couples, what we will do as couples, or just the ladies, and food!  Every one has their priorities. We are really looking forward to that week but so much water has to go under the bridge before then.

I have all our summer RV reservations made except the coming and going from home.  We know that route and all the parks so do that as we go.  We'll be home a month then switch gears and do the Cleveland (wedding)-Detroit (wedding)-Vancouver (cruise)-Hawaii-Home thing.  We will have 3-4 days to turn around and head to New Braunfels.  Busy summer and fall.

Ted worked a gun event at the gun club on Saturday and I stayed home waiting for Tucker.  Once I had him settled I went to the grocery.  We decided to wait to go to church at 11:00 on Sunday and leave for the airport to pick up Pat and Kelly afterwards.  No sense getting all fixed up to go to church and just come home, then do it again on Sunday.

We went to 11:00 Mass along with lots of families who, for whatever reason, choose to not avail themselves of the nursery or cry room.  The two young boys in front of us read Jedi books through the service.   At least they were quiet and were not climbing all over.  Que sera, sera!  

We stopped at La Casa Del Pan (House of Bread) bakery.  We wanted just a cup of coffee and roll before heading to the airport.  Ted said it reminded him of Renee's in Progreso and El Estacion in Mission.

The ride to the Hobby Marriott was smooth but the traffic traveling north was bumper to bumper.  After we picked up Pat and Kelly we took the circle freeway home.  It's a longer trip but at least traffic was light and there were no traffic jams.

Pat and Kelly were celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary so we took them to Pappasito's Cantina.   The restaurant was so noisy we asked to be re-seated outside on the patio.  It was very pleasant and quiet enough you could talk.  The outside plants and decor are really nice.  It is a new restaurant and I think some baffling in that carvernous area inside would go a long way.  There is nothing to absorb sound and made conversation difficult.

We came home and relaxed the rest of the evening.  Before too long we all started heading to bed except Ted.  He needed to put his brisket in the smoker at midnight.  Terry and Carol were coming to dinner Monday evening.  

The kids slept in and we spent a quiet day at home.  Ted took care of the brisket and made sangria.  I made twice baked potatoes, Parmesan asparagus, crunchy fruited cole slaw and rolls.  Carol brought an apple pie and ice cream.  We had a nice dinner and sat for quite awhile around the dinner table.

Tuesday we took a ride to the 7 story Sam Houston statue, the Prison Museum and McKenzie's for lunch.  

By the time we returned Ted had to leave for his Sporting Clay league.  Pat and Kelly took my car to visit the shopping areas, get a bite and then attend a movie.  I had a pot roast in the crockpot so made myself an open faced roast beef sandwich for dinner.  When Ted came home he did the same.

Ted took the kids to the airport Wednesday morning.  I started washing all the linens to remake the beds before Isabelle arrived.  It was a nice visit.

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