Saturday, May 13, 2017


We live in a zero lot line patio home.  That means we have no side yard on one side and a little one on the other.  However, they are built so there is no way to see into your neighbor's house nor they into yours.  Thus, the closeness doesn't bother us.

We like not having much yard to take care of but this winter was a major shock when we got home.  Despite sprinklers, pre-paid lawn care and pre-paid fertilizing, our yard was a mess, thick with oak leaves covering dead grass and plants brown from a freeze.  

The fertilizing people came out and fertilized again once I raked all the leaves but the lawn maintenance people just never showed up again after I called and complained they could not have been coming on the regular schedule I paid for.  So we hired a new company.

This fellow had a vision far beyond anything I could have imagined.  He trimmed everything, even the trees hanging over from the easement.  Despite having the oak trees trimmed awhile back he thinned them more to get sunlight in.  

He laid lots and lots of sod and cut the crepe myrtles that hadn't been done in two years despite our requests.  Two very long segments of metal edging were replaced, 9 new plants and many flats of impatiens were planted.  Topsoil was added where necessary, he fertilized, mulch was put down and everything was cleaned up.  The crowning piece was the wall.  It was just rocks sitting on rocks creating a planting oval.  The oak roots lifted it up in many places and it was all askew.  I wasn't expecting how he chose to fix it.

He broadened the oval to cover some roots but he cut out huge ones that were heading to the sidewalk.  Then one fellow used a chisel, shaping each rock and built a new wall with no mortar or anything.  I didn't take any before photos but here are a few after ones.

The back where we had a tree cut down in that far corner because it had grown through the fence.  The corner segment was replaced and a rot board put on the bottom.  Then they cleaned it.

The wall

The front

The side.  We had the paver brick walk, deck, and bull rock with French drain put in a long time ago.  The grading is such that you will end up with moss or mud in the middle otherwise so we opted for this arrangement.

And now we have to water twice a day for three weeks.  Someone at the water company will have a fit when we go from winter watering to this new schedule.  Thank goodness there aren't big areas to hit.

Friday I had to work as a dresser for The Forum Vintage Fashion Show.  They were the entertainment for the Women of Distinction luncheon held at the Marriott.   Our president was being honored.  At the finale the models all walked the runway and we were told to follow them because we had been behind the scenes.  That's the first time I received a standing ovation for helping someone get dressed.

Audrey Hepburn

Mi Lady and her maid

Poodle skirt, saddles, neck scarf outfit

My friend Donna.  She looked gorgeous.

A Flapper

Two military uniforms

Ready for the prom!

Now here is a stylish lady ready for Ascot opening day.

And another!

Recognize Lucy and Ethel?

She could be in a 1940s train station waiting to board.

This had to be a 30 minute show so we were rushed with second changes.  Due to the time constraint our whole collection was not shown.  

In the evening we went to a birthday party for a dear friend.  His wife does such a lovely job of entertaining.  We met new neighbors of theirs and enjoyed talking to them.  It was delightful weather and we sat outside some of the time.  I have no idea what time we came home.  Maybe a whole bottle of Riesling is too much!?!?!

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