Thursday, May 11, 2017

May Looks Busy

Thursday was the Installation Luncheon for Junior Forum.  This is always the most fun event of the year.  I was honored for being a Volunteer of the Month in November and was recognized as the Co-Chair of the programs at Regent Care Nursing Care this year.  The skit performed to induct the Executive Board and President was entertaining as always.  Here I am front and center in mostly white.

Friday I tackled the pantry and twin bedroom closet.  When we returned from Michigan I had shoved our suitcases and our Christmas items in that closet because we were leaving for 3 months.  When we returned from the valley, the bags and bags of groceries were also shoved into the pantry helter shelter.  

It was time to pay the piper.  The pantry didn't take too long but the closet did!  Now the closets in the house are in pretty good shape.  Up next - kitchen cabinets.  I am throwing out and donating while cleaning.  I have been an executor twice and believe me when I say, unless it is stock, bonds, cash or precious gems, no one wants it!  Do everyone a favor and throw away, donate or give away now.  You can enjoy someone enjoying an item of yours.

We met John and Sherida at a steakhouse for dinner.  We had a good visit and came home about 8:30.  All my activity was catching up with me and I was ready for my couch.

Saturday Ted took all his Monopoly pieces to Randall's to claim his free items.  He has had hundreds of tickets.  Now our clean pantry and refrigerator have all kinds of goodies I seldom buy!  Oreos, Pepperidge Farms cookies, Ritz crackers, popcorn, donuts, bananas, pot roast, soft drinks, tissues, etc.  He is running out of hope to win the $1 million.  

I did three loads of laundry, had my nails done and we went to church.  We stayed a little afterwards to watch our friends and neighbors renew their wedding vows after 50 years.  We came home to leftover brisket and baked potatoes in the oven on low.  Easy meal, easier cleanup.  Then TV.  My childhood punishment of being made to stay in is now my adult reward!

Sunday I skipped the kitchen cabinets and hit the top file drawer in our office cabinet.  It took awhile to go through it all and I continued working on the shredding.  Ted went shooting for a bit but we did little else.  I finally finished the shredding on Tuesday, garbage day.

Monday was bloodwork day so we had a two person appointment with our GP.  Everything seems to be okay but the bloodwork will tell us if our numbers are still good.  We took more Monopoly coupons to Randall's and shopped.  We spent about $70 but when she took off the many coupons we saved $33!  Ted won't know what to do with himself when this game is over.  We have a dozen Fandango coupons to send to the kids to see movies for $5.  Of course I remember double features, newsreel and cartoon for 25 cents!!!

In the afternoon I played Canasta at Michele's.  Irene and I had two bad hands but we still won!  I came home to find Ted still working on more Monopoly pieces.  There are two funerals at church so I am signed up to bring a cake, a pasta salad and pick up tablecloths to launder.  

Alison, our IT person, came over Tuesday to fix a malware problem that was messing with our computer.  Ted left for the men's lunch, taking 85 year old Harry with him.  I finished my sister-in-law's 2015 Amended Tax Return.  I was expecting this letter to her since the same person who did her 2014 wrong, did the 2015 wrong too.  I did her 2016 return correctly so I think we now have the situation under control.

We were off to the pain doctor early Wednesday morning.  He doesn't want to use more steroids than I have already received in the facets shots and the epidural.  He asked if I could wait it out with perhaps some pain pills for a few months to space shots out.  I haven't been taking any meds and been doing my back exercises and have been able to function.  Besides, we are leaving in 5-6 weeks and have no time for spaced out shots.  I have some meds to take with me as well as pain patches so I will just hang in there.  We dropped off the script at Walmart and Ted picked it up when he was out.  

Ted took my pasta salad to church when we got home from the doctor.  Then he put the rest of his tickets in the computer for the Second Chance lottery.  He had a $25 grocery gift card!  I also typed an email to my photographer son in law to give him winning codes for Shutterfly for a free photo book, free prints and a reusable shipping bag with photo.  Spreading the wealth!  

I drove to church to pick up the tablecloths but there was a note saying there was nothing to wash.  So I wrote I had been there but saw the note so I would bring my cake over in the morning.

The landscapers showed up and went right to work.  Limbs were cut off, vines pulled down, the wall rocks removed, crepe myrtles cut back.  They were going to town!  They also were scraping areas to lay new sod and they marked off the new margins of the wall.  It should take two days I am told.  This is getting long so I will wrap this up!

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