Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back is Better, Insomnia Not So Much

My back has been great but who knows for how long.  I just wish I could fall asleep and stay asleep for a night.  This is not a new problem for me.  I have never been a good sleeper nor require a lot of sleep. 

I did get 5 bags out of the guest closet for the Paralyzed Veterans of Texas who came Tuesday morning.  It was good to have that stuff gone so I can work on the rest of that closet.  

John stopped by to bring the TV stand that Tom had shortened and he set all the things that you and I don't even know exist on a TV.  He has disks, test patterns, blue paper to look through, sets the speaker output, etc.  You just don't plug them in anymore.  He is a great friend to do all of that for us.

We decided to have beef stew for dinner but it came out more like vegetable soup.  I used the Instant Pot and emptied out the freezer of all the half filled bags of vegetables plus a couple potatoes.  At the last minute we threw in a can of diced tomatoes.  With the moisture from the frozen vegetables and liquid off the tomatoes I probably should have cut back on the beef stock a bit.  But it was good as stew or soup.  

Marena stopped by to give us her garage door opener so we can put out her garbage.  I offered her some dinner but she was on her way to Dallas.  Her mother is still in hospice care in Edinburg TX.

Monday was our 52nd wedding anniversary.  We decided to have lunch at a restaurant that we never heard of until recently.  I wanted to pick it for our April Foxy Ladies luncheon but not without checking it out first.  It has a bit of everything with decent prices and good portions.  I talked to the owner and the size of our group will work just fine.  

When we arrived home Terry was sitting on our deck waiting for Ted to come home to help him with his new gun cleaning case.  He filled his magazine with the uplula, went through what each thing was for and put a battery in the light probe.  We had a nice visit sitting outside in beautiful weather.  When we came in I moved the bags marked TPV to the porch.  

Tuesday was an Appreciation Tea for Activity Chairs in Newcomers.  My 17-year running bunco group is the oldest group out there.  It was a lovely party with silver, crystal, little sandwiches and enough scones, clotted cream, cookies, candy, cakes, etc. to cause a diabetic coma.  

I had to go to the grocery on Wednesday for my Shanghai ladies coming on Thursday.  I am still not sleeping well and was tired most of the day.  But I did sleep better that night and back and leg are still good.

Thursday I put my drinks out, filled the snack table bowls and set my brownies on a cake plate.  I love the "after lunch" group versus having to make more food.  I didn't win at cards and have lots of leftover  snacks.  I hope Pat and Kelly will make them disappear.

Our calendar is clear until church on Saturday.  Sunday we have to pick Kelly and Pat up at the Marriott  at Hobby Airport.  They are attending a conference for Marriage Encounter and will be visiting until Wednesday, Tucker is also coming for a few days.  Fun times!

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