Monday, May 15, 2017

A New Week

I blew it!

My calendar was getting so messy I decided to start over.  My recurring things get written at the top of the proper square.  This Saturday we should have played Shanghai.  Unfortunately I used the square for the previous Saturday to write the names of attendees to the Foxy Ladies Luncheon.  They ran right down to the word Shanghai.  While transferring my info, I X'd out the names (including the word Shanghai accidentally) because the luncheon was over.  So we went to church, went to Outback to dinner and then to Lowe's.  We came home to 4 messages flashing on our land line where no one ever leaves messages!  My heart was in my throat.  Something serious had to have happened!

When I heard the messages asking where we were, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  I felt really bad but also was greatly relieved nothing worse had occurred.  They had started without us, were understanding and expressed their relief that we were okay.  Maybe I AM doing too much!!

Sunday we had a leisurely day.  I opened my presents, talked to the girls and eventually went to Krogers and HEB.  One had prime steaks on sale and the other ribs.  We came home and Ted fixed dinner for me.  We avoided the crowded restaurants and the big family groups.

Wine A Bit You'll Feel Better.  The kids know I hate to cook, though I continue to do so after 52 years but Ted does a lot of it now.  They thought this apron appropriate.

I had the bunco bag so went to Marleah's a little early Monday to put the items out for her on the tables.  Linda was able to come and we arranged for only one winner to move from each table so she didn't have to attempt to walk.  What a spread Marleah had!  I won $15 so that made me happy.  

In the meantime John was picking up Ted for his annual endoscopy.  I couldn't pick him up and get to the center by 12:30 but I arrived at 12:45 and John left.  We were home by 2:30 with great news.  They took a biopsy of some irritated stomach tissue but expect it to be no more that that - an irritation.  He said to come back in one year and continue his medicine.  It's always a relief when that is over.  It has been 9 years since his diagnosis of Barrrett's Esophagus with high grade dysplasia, Stage 0 cancer.  After treatment at Methodist Hospital in Houston in 2008 he has had a yearly check up and praise God, so far so good.

Tuesday was my turn to get tests - mammogram and bone density.  Except for running into my friend Judy in the waiting lounge nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I laughed when she said they would use my forearm since I have no hips!  Not natural ones anymore.  Results should be here in a week or two.  I knew Ted was leaving for his sporting clay banquet so I stopped at Culver's for a combination lunch and dinner.

I thought Wednesday would be an easy day because the window washers were coming in the morning, Isabelle to clean in the afternoon.  I was up early because morning is not an exact time.  All of a sudden I had lots of computer work to do regarding training for Forum.  I worked on it through the window cleaning and the house cleaning.  Ted had left for a haircut and just went into his hobby room when he returned.  When everyone had left Ted suggested we go to Honey Bee for a sandwich because he found a coupon.  All right by me!

Back to the Thrift Store I went on Thursday for a morning shift.  I was hoping to run into a lot of kids clothes but maybe mothers aren't cleaning closets yet.  I have some things to take to the family reunion but not much.  Here is a photo of Lily and the twins at Easter, all in dresses from me found while working.  Two of them still had tags when I bought them.  I will work again next week and probably a few days in early June, so here's hoping the pickings are better.

I came home with a headache that didn't go away until about 8 pm.  I am seldom bothered with them anymore so I am not sure where this one came from.  Ted fixed dinner AND cleaned up.  Bless him!

Friday I got my hair cut for the first time since we left Mission.  To say I needed it is an understatement to say the least.  It was good to see Cindy after so long.

It was time to see West Side Story so we met Barry and Gerre at Applebee's for dinner.  They treated us for taking care of Tucker for them.  It was a nice production of WSS and the stars had amazing voices.  We were home much earlier than after the last production!

Our impatiens are starting to flower and add color to our newly planted area.  I hope the magnolias are done dropping their leaves soon!

Saturday was a quiet day.  Ted worked a charity event at the gun club and I did laundry.  We went to church and then to dinner with Terry and Carol.  

Sunday Ted went shooting and I finished the laundry.  At 3:30 we left for Irene's to meet up with the Panama Canal cruise people for dinner and cards.  Irene is the "hostess with the mostest."  Here are her decorations for Memorial Day.  

She was all set for dinner for 12.  We had brisket, turkey, beans, cucumbers, cole slaw and rolls.  Dessert was tres leches cake, apple pie with ice cream and sugar cookies.  The bad part is they are coming to my house next week and my set up won't even come close!  But no one will care.  I like friends like that.  

And I won!  With four jokers I went down and out quickly in game 5, catching 3 or 4 with full hands.  It catapulted me to first place. And I needed the dimes!  Ted was second at his table.  Tomorrow starts another week and we have quite a bit to do.  More later.

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