Friday, March 3, 2017

Beginning of the End of Our 2017 Stay

March started on Wednesday!  2017 is flying by!

Gerre, Barry and Tucker took off a little before 8:00. She gifted me a Mah Jongg set she had brought with her for us to play.  When I tried to give it back to her, she said it was for me to keep. It is absolutely gorgeous.  Instead of plain white, the backs have blue flowers in clear plastic.  I can't wait to show the Mah Jongg gals.  What a wonderfully special gesture.  I know two groups play at home but it will be so nice to have my own game.  

We wasted the whole day waiting for the AC repairman.  Instead of enjoying Smokin' on the Rio BBQ cook off events, we stayed close to home because no time was given.  It was about 3:00 when he came.  After much stopping, starting, pushing, clicking it was determined that the unit is shot.  Our extended warranty company was closed on Saturday but they had opened a claim on Friday.  Ted called the info into the repairman's office so they can file the claim Monday.  We have no idea when this will all get done.  The one AC is doing a decent job with the door closed at the stairs.  When it cools down at night we open it and use a fan in the bedroom and we are comfortable.

So we missed church at 4:00 and had to find another Mass later.  Our neighbors had invited us to dinner at Wallbangers and we were glad we didn't offer to meet them!  We ended up at a 6:00 Spanish Mass!  We came home to leftover meatballs and spaghetti and then put our feet up.  It was a busy week, well worth the effort, but kicking back felt good!

On Sunday Ted went to Coyote instead of Mission Skeet to shoot sporting clays with his group.  They just wanted to do something different.  I putzed around making myself an omelette, straightening up, getting ready, etc.  As soon as Ted came home it was time for me to go to Mah Jongg.  I didn't take my set because I need to get a special bag for it.  I was one tile away in two games and nowhere near in the third.  We all continue to learn as situations arise and we need verification on a rule.

Ted was across at Sue and Nile's when I walked back so I joined them.  We stayed there until way past dinner time so we asked if they wanted to go to Soup and Salad but they declined.  While we were there Stella called and invited us to her birthday lunch on Monday at Kurai Chinese Buffet.  I don't know what I ate but I liked it!  There were 10 of us in all and only one couple was new to us.  It was nice to see everyone.  

Tuesday, while Ted shot clay birds, I had my nails done.  Sure wish I could take Gina home with me!  I went to the grocery afterwards and made it home just in time to go play Mah Jongg.  No one won any game, they were all wall games.  Not sure if that means we are that good or that bad!  I fixed dinner so we could be outside to watch the Mardi Gras parade.  We ended up with Niles, Sue and Dortha joining us in our drive.  Beads, candy and doubloons were thrown during the parade.

The Border Patrol led the parade! 

After the parade we were all invited to the Clubhouse for drinks and dessert.  The Line Dancing Class provided a bit of entertainment.

We had another beautiful sunset to end the day.

Wednesday I had a doctor appointment at 8:30.  He decided I should get one more shot, continue my meds until all the pain is gone, then back off the meds gradually.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  The one concern he raised was a notation in the report of "stenosis in the central canal."  That could involve an ablation or worse, a laminectomy.  But let's hope it doesn't come to that.  I am doing much better and hope this lasts for a long time.  

We stopped to see Sandy and Rusty's new furniture in their Mobile Suites.  It was purchased in Shipshawana IN, made by the Amish.  They build it from frame to upholstery.  It was really nice and confirmed our plan to go to Lambright as soon as we arrive.  That will give us a week for them to come up with what we want.  Sandy chose a set off the showroom floor.  If we can't get it then, we can go back through there in August on our way south.  Let's hope it works out.

Ted went to shoot skeet when we came home and I did all the work I hadn't done before we left at 7:45.  Late in the afternoon we went to McDonald's for fish sandwiches for dinner.  Just as we finished Bob and Kathy came in.  She had cataract surgery in the morning and had a clear patch plus dark glasses on.  We decided to stay and had a nice visit with them.  It was dark when we got home.

Thursday is breakfast out so I picked up Marissa, Joanne and Ginger.  We arrived first so got to choose where to sit versus taking leftover seats.  Remember - if you are on time, you are late!  We had a great conversation about ancestry with Joanne who is adopted, Ginger who was adopted by an aunt and uncle, me who was raised by grandparents and Marissa who is Spanish and has 8 last names!!  We encouraged Joanne to take the DNA test.  She could have siblings she knows nothing about!

We had to tell our neighbors we couldn't go to Poncho's for dinner because we had to leave at 5:00 to get to Weslaco by 6:00.  Construction starting on 23rd Street exit slows the traffic down.  We made it in 35 minutes though.  I apologized to our neighbors because it seems every time they ask us to eat out, we can't!

I had another shot(s) in my back.  First it is really cold numbing lotion, then numbing shots and then the medicine so I don't know just what they do back there.  The pain in my leg stops instantly!  We stopped again at Luby's on the way home.  It is a cafeteria and we can get whatever we want.  I had chicken fried chicken and Ted chose Salisbury steak with grilled onions.  We both cleaned our plate.  Eating at 7:30 will do that to you!

Friday we whiled away the whole morning before even getting dressed.  We had some lunch and I prepared to go to Mah Jongg while Ted left to see about getting tires on my car.  He came home shortly after me and we had pancakes for our first meatless Friday this Lent.  After an evening of TV, we headed to bed.

Saturday it rained!  The first hard rain we have had since coming January 2.  We stayed in, eating a late lunch, then went to church.  We called Linda and Bruce to see if they wanted to play card bingo next door.  They agreed and we picked them up.  I won the first game, Ted the second and that was it!  Since we only had one meal we decided to go to Dairy Queen.  The four of us talked until 10 pm.  We enjoy having one on one time with our friends here.  Mostly we are in groups and it is hard to have these good discussions.

We are down to three weeks before heading home!

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