Sunday, March 5, 2017

Time March(es) On

While Ted shot skeet on Sunday, I went next door to do two weeks of laundry.  The machines are so large I can get done in two hours.  When I came home I had time for a sandwich before heading to Mah Johgg.  I finally got a Mah Jongg, it has been a long while!  I also took a bunch of nothingness and managed to make a good hand (but not good enough!) and when my hand went dead I was able to switch gears but not in time!  Progress!

When I returned we left immediately to pick up Jay and Stella.  We had plans to eat at Cheddar's.  Being it was Sunday, 4:30 was a really busy time and we waited a little over 30 minutes for a table.  Service was not slow but the sheer volume of food being prepared made waiting longer than usual. It was all very good as it always is.   We had a nice visit and it was dark by the time we got home.  We stayed in for the rest of the evening.

Monday was ladies lunch day.  Just as I was leaving, Ruth came by to collect $3 for the Survivor pool.  I picked Zeke from last season.  Hope he does well!  Ted had called the AC place and learned our unit was in and they would be over to install it.  I picked up Marissa, Joanne and Bev but Coco was stuck at the doctor and Ginger simply forgot!  We had about a dozen ladies and a good discussions of things we have made/are making.  My recent list was not very long but when the kids were young, I baked and sewed many things in their school days.  Coco's husband dropped her off so we gave her a ride home.

My tire light came on when I drove home and Ted checked them all.  My right front one had a big nail in it.  He had been getting tire prices because my tires were ready to be replaced so there was no time like the present!  So off we went to Pueblo Tire.  All four tires were replaced with new Firestone tires.  We came home, made dinner and watched TV while I worked on my table runner.

Tuesday was Mah Jongg again.  All four of us each got a Mah Jongg and there was one wall game.  Two ladies are seasoned players so it appears we newbies are moving right along.  As soon as I got home it was time to go to the clubhouse for the fish fry and wine tasting sponsored by the lawn service.  This has to be a major contract for them and it was a nice gesture.  We started saving a table for 8 and ended up with over 20 by continuing to add tables.  It was a beautiful evening to be outside on the patio overlooking the pool.

There was fried catfish, tator tots, hush puppies, Cole slaw and brownies plus wine.  There was a big turnout but I think the food held out.  It was another nice night.  

On Wedneaday Linda and I drove to Mercedes to the Outlet Mall and also stopped for lunch at Outback Steakhouse.  After soup and salad we headed to the stores.  We were disappointed that there was no Chico's anymore.  We both bought things at Hanes, I bought a pair of cute Crocs that don't look at all like Crocs and a few items at BonWorth.  I really like their clothes - reasonable, comfortable and launder well.  Then I treated myself to a new Coach purse.  My last one is getting a bit shopworn.  It rained really hard and we were walking in a few inches of water.  There weren't any other stores we needed to visit so we came home.

Thursday is still Ladies Breakfast day so off we went to Rosie's.  I am going to hate cooking again when we get home!  There wasn't a big group but a few new ladies made it interesting.  People are from all over and it is entertaining to exchange stories.  Biggest topic now is "when are you leaving?"  Some live here full time but travel to get out of the heat and folks like us travel back to our "bricks and sticks" as regular homes are called in RV lingo!  It started raining so we pretty much stayed in all afternoon.

Friday was a very nice day and we had errands to run in the morning.  I will take a stained glass class next year and make a sunflower patio table.  Our first stop was Target to buy an 18 inch glass top folding patio table.  I can leave it here with Kathy until I return.  Next we stopped at Hobby Lobby to look for yellow glass but we had no luck.  I will try at home.  We went to the bank, then McDonald's for a Friday fish sandwich for lunch.  We returned home in time for the hearing test set up in the clubhouse.  He said I could hear grass grow but Ted misses 3-4% of spoken words.  He advised him to be checked in one year.  Then it was time for Mah Jongg.  I had no Mah Jonggs but got within one tile a few times.  We completed 6 games so our play is speeding up.  

When I returned home Ted said he called the lady who owns this lot to make arrangements for next year and she told him she had rented it to someone else for 4 months versus our 3.  I understand her decision but don't understand why in the month that has passed she didn't tell us.  We started scrambling because it is late in the season.  With the help of a good friend here, we were able to secure a lot on the same street but the opposite side and a few down.  It was not in the rental program.  We told her if she was more comfortable just renting the spot without access to the coach house, that was fine.  Hers is beautiful and she doesn't know us so that is the deal we struck.  There is more room including a pergola covered patio with nice outdoor furniture and big grill.  We will be OK there.

On Saturday we drove to the flea market to pick up three things we needed.  It will be our last trip there this year.  Then we had lunch at Freddy's, a newly opened chain.  The burgers are a bit thin so I would recommend getting at least the double.  However, their custard is to die for.  We tried a mini sundae just to check it out.  

Later in the afternoon we went to church and there were six huge balls of flowers, mostly pink roses.  By big I am talking 3 feet in diameter.  There was a 7th spray of pink roses at the feet of a wall hanging of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I knew in an instant a wedding was happening at 5:15!  I would have liked to see the procession of what I bet was an incredibly awesome bridal party.  

We came home in time to change clothes for a dance with Ralph and the Cruisers again.  Or as Ted says, American Bandstand for Seniors!  About 12 couples attended.  We danced some and enjoyed all of the music.  It was over at 10:00 and we came right home.  I needed to turn the clocks back!

Sunday was our usual skeet for Ted and Mah Jongg for me.  I had a Mah Jongg on the first hand but went downhill from there.  I had not taken my phone so did not get Ted's text that we were due at Bonnie's at 4:30 for happy hour.  She had invited the folks that will be our neighbors and the folks now on the lot we will occupy next year.  We know the first couple and met the other one when we walked down.  But it was a very nice gesture on her part to be sure everyone knew one another.

It was after 7:00 so dinner was late!

I wanted to share some photos Sherman took over in the park recently.  The flowers, butterflies and birds are all coming back.

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