Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Less Than Two Weeks To Go

We were up early to make our 8:30 appointment with Dr. Flores in Progreso to have our teeth cleaned. Afterwards Ted went for a pedicure and I enjoyed my only pastry of the season with a cup of coffee at Renee's while I waited for him.  I bought a purse at one of the small stores before going to Jessica's for the balance of the eyedrops we need to get through until we come back in January.  We took advantage of our free margarita even though it was 11 am.  Someone said it was 5:00 in Poland!  The music was playing great songs to dance to but no one was dancing!  We were not going to venture out there on our own!!

When we came home we went to the grocery and the post office to get small boxes to send the pills out that we had purchased for others.  After dinner we watched the finale of one of the strangest seasons of The Bachelor.  

Tuesday was our normal routine, Ted took the clay pigeon thrower down to the gun range but only he and Mark showed up so he worked with him again.  While he was gone I vacuumed and dusted.  It is a constant fight especially with the fields being plowed and the traffic of the Border Patrol on the unpaved levee road.  Mah Jongg was at 2:00 and we four neighbors, Kathy, Sue, Linda and I, were at one table.  Kathy is in charge of the St. Patrick potato bake and we are all helpers.

Dinner was beef stew made in my pressure cooker.  It turned out well again this time.  Wednesday was going to be another early day so we went to bed earlier than usual.

My Wednesday morning appointment was with the doctor who has been seeing me and managing my medicine and shots.  The second shot did not do much and the pain is starting back up.  Instead of receiving a third shot, he adjusted my medicine and will have my records available for me to pick up next week.  Then I can see the pain doctor who took care of Ted prior to his back surgery when I get home.  

We had invited our Lark neighbors for dinner Thusday night so we had to go to the grocery.  We did that after Ted came back from the skeet club.  He rubbed his pulled pork to sit overnight.  I made a chocolate eclair cake because it needs to sit overnight.  We watched Survivor of course.

Thursday was busy!  I picked up Joanne and Ginger for breakfast and got the Cafe Lechero.  It fascinated me watching them make them all winter.  No one warned me how hot the glass would be!  It was good but nothing to write home about (though that is what I just did, didn't I?).  Our numbers are shrinking because so many folks are heading home.  

When I arrived home Ted was shredding his pork. 

I made shell macaroni salad and started to make cole slaw but the apple I bought to put in it and the bags of chopped cabbage were nowhere to be found.  We obviously didn't get one bag off the belt or out of the cart so Ted went back.  There was a long line at Customer Service so he just bought it again.

Ten of our Lark Drive neighbors came over at 4:30 for drinks and appetizers before dinner. It was a nice time to relax before we kicked into gear for the St. Patrick's Day Potato Bake.  The Lark Drive group was in charge.  

Friday we were scheduled to go up at 1:00 to set up tables and do whatever else needed to be done.  I did a load of laundry and when I got back Ted said everything was done and we weren't needed until 4:00.  Things were under control and we fed 131 people in 20 minutes!  I was serving butter with a scoop from my right hand and sour cream with another scoop from my left.  Who knew I was ambidextrous?

Ted and Mark ready to serve pulled pork on top of the potatoes.

Sue, Linda and Bruce at their station that duplicated mine and Bob's.

 Some attendees all decked out.

Saturday was quiet.  Ted took my car to the Ford dealer because there was a wet spot on the floor on the passenger side and appeared out of nowhere.  It was just water but was not dripping from under the dash.  Turns out a critter chewed on the drain tube from the heater core that collects condensation from the AC.  Or something like that!  Anyway we had to hang around waiting for it to get finished.

We asked our potato crew if they wanted to go to Dirty Al's for dinner after all our hard work for the potato bake so all 10 of us met there at 5:30 after we went to church.  I was bummed because I was looking forward to the coconut shrimp I had last time but it isn't on the regular menu!  Only fixed occasionally as a special.  We had a nice time and Dortha invited us all to their new house on Thursday because they are closing that morning.  No furniture so bring your own chair and pizza will be served!  They will leave their motorhome on their RV site until the furniture has been delivered so it doesn't block the way.  

They have their RV lot for sale and have purchased a port home.  They tried to get us to buy it, or do a 6/6 rental but we said no, we are happy with a 3 month rental.  We are set for next year!

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