Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our Last Week

Sunday was our second last one to be here.  We are pulling out a week from tomorrow.  It is a sad time to leave our second home but exciting to get back to take care of things.  We leave in the darkening days of winter and return to full blown spring.

Ken called to say our armadillo is back and has torn up our backyard pretty badly.  Obviously the grub treatment, coyote urine and dried blood only worked so long.  Hopefully getting the fence repaired may help.  There are all kinds of critters in the easement beyond the fence.  Fence first, grass second!

I did my last load of laundry for the season in the morning while Ted went skeet shooting.  When he returned we went to get coffee since we were out.  Groceries have been put on hold so we have less to carry home from the trailer but no coffee for a week just won't do!

At 2:00 I went to play Mah Jongg.  There were 9 players so we had 3 tables of 3 players.  We named our ghost Phyllis and played 4 games, I won 3!  I tried hands I had never done before and did well.    Made me proud of how far I have come.

I came home to find Ted doing some prep work for leaving.  I brought the extra dinette chairs, my Instant Pot and countertop oven in from the coach house and redid the closet I had removed them from when we arrived.  It just made life easier with them more readily available and less stuff in the closet was nice.  Ted did most of dinner and I did the dishes.  

We are trying to fit all that needs to be done into this last week.  The car and truck need to be detailed, our RV washed, I am shopping with Karen on Wednesday, our last Couples Lunch is Monday, I have to pick up my medical file to take home with my MRI disc, the shooters dinner and awards is Saturday! Of course I will try to fit my last 3 days of Mah Jongg in and one last time to attend Mass with Fr. Roy.  

Our reservation is in Victoria for one night and two nights at the one close to home.  It is too hard to pull in one day, get it empty and cleaned by the next morning to put away.  We need to empty the refrigerator and clean it first thing so it can dry out totally since we cannot open the freezer at all when closed up and we don't want a plugged defroster drain again.  This time we need to shampoo the carpets too so that will be done second so they have over 24 hours to dry.  The rest is taking everything home that needs to go and cleaning really good.  It wears you out.  Having that second day just makes things easier.  We just aren't as young as we used to be.

Breezes was our Monday lunch location and there were over 30 people present.  The food was good and the luncheon menu well priced but the noon lunch was just being served to the last third of the group at 1:35!  I am sure there were lots of unhappy campers.  We arrived early and were served quickly, at least three of us were.  As they delivered our food they asked Charles how he wanted his mushroom burger cooked!!  We were done eating when his came but it was long before the 1:35 serve time.

We stopped and made appointments to have both the truck and car detailed before we leave.  They are both dirty as can be.  Ted helped Mark move his outdoor furniture to the new house while I went to the nail salon.  So long, Gina. See you next year.  

We ate leftovers for dinner and watched the premiere of Dancing With The Stars and I only know 5 of the 12 "stars."

I didn't sleep well Monday night, woke up at 3 am and heard Jonathan and Shelly pull out at 5:00 am and never did go back to sleep.  We didn't have anything particular to do so I wasn't concerned.  I have years of sleeping just a few hours a night, not just recently.  Maybe it is my medicine.  I did my straightening up, ate breakfast and lunch sort of as one meal and played Mah Jongg at 2:00. Got a Mah Jongg and Sue got two.  

Ted was at Niles when I got back so the four of us sat out until it was time for dinner - more leftovers.  

Wednesday I drove to the Imaging Center to pick up my medical file then proceeded to pick up Karen.  We stopped in Weslaco at Wells where I bought awesome shoes for the wedding and 3 other items.  

Ooh La La!

Next we stopped at Sam's for beans for Saturday night then on to TJ Maxx where I bought a baby gift and two more tops.  I have a nice start to setting aside my cruisewear.  If I wear and launder it all summer it will be all faded and worn so I will set it aside.

We met up with the fellows eventually and went to El Patio for a late lunch/early dinner.  Our night meal was an orange while we watched Survivor.

Mimi drove to breakfast Thursday morning and only five attended.  So many have left for home.  But it is so nice to have good conversation without a big crowd.  When I returned home Richard was just arriving to wash and wax the RV and I followed Ted to the detailer to leave my car.  When it was finished, Ted took the truck to leave and picked up my car.  He stopped at the store for ketchup, brown sugar and bacon for the beans I am making for Saturday's Shooter Banquet.  

Eventually we went to get the truck and then went to Mark and Dortha's for pizza and to see their new house.  There were 7 couples and we had a good visit.  We came home about 8:00 and closed up for the night.

Saturday we went to get our hair cut.  Then we returned a flashlight to Ford left by a serviceman when he worked on my car.  For our gesture we were given a coupon for a free oil change!  Since we hadn't had anything but coffee, we stopped for lunch at McDonald's for more fish!

Niles came over and asked Ted to take him grocery shopping.  He wants Ted to show him how to make pulled pork.  Then Sue came over to say she will stop for me when it is time to play Mah Jongg.  In the meantime I was sorting my clothes (stay vs. home) and dusting all the wood in the bedroom. 
I drove me and Sue to the clubhouse because her golf cart needed to be plugged in.  It was hot and we were late.  We ended up with three tables but only 3 at our table and we all got a Mah Jongg.  When we came home I fixed grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Just a few Friday's left!

Saturday I fixed the beans and put them into the refrigerator.  It was two big 13 X 9 pans full.  At 3:00 we took them to the clubhouse and put them in the oven, leaving instructions for them to be taken out at 5:10. Then we left for our last Mass of the year with Fr. Roy.  He was in rare form and we enjoyed our last sermon.  Dinner was served just as we returned.  The beans were great from all accounts and just the right amount.  We watched a highlight video of activity at the range this year but we didn't win any door prizes or the gun so eventually we came home.

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