Monday, February 20, 2017

Week Eight

Tucker is here!  Gerre and Barry arrived a little before 2:00.  We got Tucker's things all settled and took a ride around the area.  Then we sent them off to get settled into their hotel and I finished up dinner.  When they returned we ate in the coach house because it was too windy at the patio table and too crowded in here.  Around 8:00 Barry suggested they head home, it had been a 7 hour drive and he was tired.

Tucker was fine all night.  He started out in bed with us, then followed me to the couch when I got too warm, and eventually went into his opened crate and slept in his bed.  It rained through the night and he didn't want to go out in the morning so I had to carry him to the grass.  He went fast and hurried back to the steps to go in.  

We picked Gerre and Barry up later in the morning and proceeded to Arturo's for Retama's Couples Monthly Luncheon.  Don, Trudy, Mike and Marion sat at our table and we had a terrific lunch with great conversation.  Afterwards we headed to Mexico for the afternoon.  The weather had turned beautiful and we stayed there for quite some time.  We spent a good deal of time in Pancho's Bar listening to music and enjoying margaritas.  

Once back on US soil we went to Cracker Barrel for some dinner.  Gerre asked for us to just drop them off at the hotel, which we had to pass, because she was tired.  Poor little Tucker headed right to his water bowl when we got home.  I took him out and he marked every tree and bush around us!  Then he was ready to eat!  Ted took him out for the last time in the evening about 11:00.  

Tuesday we headed to the Travel, Health and Wellness Expo at the convention center.  It didn't have nearly as many vendors as the Texas Expo but was fun anyway.  Barry won an opportunity to enter the Wind Tunnel where dollars and monopoly winner dollars fly around and you get 15 seconds to grab as much as you can.  He grabbed $8 and a winner dollar that gave him a portable phone charger.  Ted won an infuser and two different essential oils to use in it by spinning a wheel somewhere!  We also all won free admittance to Matzalan where we hope to visit if we find time.  

We left there and had lunch at Chik Fil A.  Mah Jongg was at 2:00 so Gerre and I had an opportunity to play.  We were able to get in 5 games with Gerre winning one and Jan another.  The rest were wall games.  Gerre thought I did just fine when I exposed my hands and explained where I was heading and where I fell short.  Apparently I am acquiring a good understanding!

The guys were down at the gun range shooting and then Ted helped Barry take his gun apart and clean it.  They needed Niles to help them get it back together at the end.  He has two of that type so he knew right off how to do it.

The weather remains close to perfect.  Ted grilled burgers and we had dinner, finishing up with the key lime pie I made for Sunday night but we hadn't cut yet.  Everyone wanted a tiny piece so we have enough left for another go round.

They left about 8:00 and I did the few dishes, Ted walked Tucker and we settled in for the night.

Wednesday we attended the Mobile Suites luncheon with Gerre and Barry as our guests.  We were delighted to see Sandy and Rusty, wagon masters of The Texas Boomers Camping Club, folks from next door and Retama neighbors among the guests.  There were door prizes and Gerre won a nice canvas cargo tote bag and I won a DRV ladies golf shirt but it is 2X and drowns me.  I posted on the group's FB page and will be sending it to another member.  Two of the bags had $100 bills in them!  Rolling Retreats out of Elk City, OK sponsors the luncheon and are amazing folks to do business with.  Afterwards we went to the Flea Market to look around but it was late in the day and not much going on.  We ate at El Patio that evening.  They had stuffed avocados which they pronounced excellent.

We took a boat ride on the Rio Grande on Thursday.  The Mexican side is very nicely developed but the American side has pretty much been left undeveloped in the area approaching the dam.  A jet ski went zooming by us and the captain said he was a smuggler and there were lots of chuckles.  He said he wasn't kidding.  He had taken the jet ski off a trailer attached to a rattletrap truck that was still in the water.  Went up the Mexican shore like a bat out of hell.  Someone jumped on, he zoomed across to the US side, dropped him off and zoomed back to the trailer and was pulled out of the water and gone!  Right before our eyes!  The BP agents say the flow has slowed down considerably though since Trump was elected.

At the edge of the dam.

Afterwards we returned to Mexico so Gerre and Barry could buy some pottery for their pool area and fence.  We had been invited to a gathering here in Retama later in the afternoon but we got back late and found one of our two AC units was not working.  It gave an error code so we knew what was wrong and Ted spent a lot of time on the phone trying to get an appointment for a repairman.  We were all tired and just called it a day.

Gerre and Barry took Friday to do a bit on their own including visiting Quinta Matzalan, a preserved area and home in McAllen.  Once Ted had secured an appointment for the AC repair for Saturday, we headed to Harlingen.  We stopped at the Marine Museum to view the documentary on the Battle of Iwo Jima and to view the memorial that served as the mold for the bronze memorial located in Arlington National cemetery.  The grave of Harlon Block, the young man shoving the end of the flagpole in the memorial, is from Westlaco, TX and he was moved from Iwo Jima, to a Weslaco resting place and in 1995 was interred in the park in Harlingen.  

Having had enough Mexican and BBQ food, we opted for a nice Italian restaurant in Harlingen for dinner.  It had a nice ambience and was a great farewell dinner.  Our last activity was seeing John Sager perform.  He teased Gerre quite a bit but pretty much did his audience carousing in the seats behind us.  The folks loved it.  He recruited four men to be a The Village People which was funny since the guy being the C just couldn't seem to get it right!  It was very entertaining.

This morning Tucker got packed up by me and picked up by them for the long ride home.  There is a street sale going on in Retama so after they pulled out Ted and I borrowed Niles's golf cart to ride around.  I bought a muffin tin, spatula, two cheese spreaders and a cheese slicer for the grand sum of $1.  I have plenty of these things at home but now I have them in my trailer too.

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