Tuesday, March 28, 2017

And Away We Go!

Sunday we met up with several couples that we have met over the years.  Some we know better than others but it was a delight to see them all.  We had brunch at Victoria Palms at 10 and I felt like I had never stopped eating from the day before.  A great surprise was to run into Lana and Randy from Chanute KS, one of the HitchHiker owners we met at various rallies.  We had run into them at Pepe's on the River last year and shared tables mixing their group and ours.  What a fun place, that is now up for sale. El Charro, that we found last year and had a great time visiting, is also closed.  Maybe we are the kiss of death for drinking establishments.

I dropped Ted off at the gun club where the guys from brunch all headed, plus Mark was called to join them.  He was to drive Ted home.  We were invited to Niles and Sue's for dinner so I put together an ambrosia salad before heading out for my last Mah Jongg games of this season.  I think Carol got one Mah Jongg but the rest were wall games where we all seemed to be a tile or two away.  We seem to be getting closely matched in our play.

We barely got home and it was time to go across the street and join the other 16 folks for Niles' attempt to make Ted's pulled pork.  It was done just right.  Kudos to the student and master.  Eventually we headed back across the street.  Monday morning was quickly gaining on us.

Because we had done some things preliminarily, we didn't have much to do in the morning.  By 9:00 we were ready to roll.  There were lots of hugs and handshakes as we headed out.  We appreciate all the friendship extended to us in this wonderful retirement community.  We certainly look forward to our return next year.

We drove north for 4.5 uneventful hours.  My leg and hip started to hurt some but I used the cruise control to give my leg a rest and it helped.  We pulled into the campground in Victoria and left immediately to eat.  I used Yelp to choose a burger place since the Pump House was not open.  We ended up at Big Jim's and it was a great choice.  Nothing to write home about on decor but the burgers and fries were way above average.

Last Monday our grandson Sam was in New York with his high school philharmonic orchestra to play Carnegie Hall.  I posted on Facebook but Sam wanted me to cover it in my blog too.  So here is a quick trip to NY.

This is photo #1 for my 2017 Christmas card.  This was such an overwhelmingly wonderful opportunity for these young people and for most, a once in a lifetime achievement.  It was the graphic on their T-shirts.  

On stage getting ready to perform.

Then the tourist things came into play.

My SIL Bill with Granddaughter Morgan who went to NY too.

And the finale, a performance of Aladdin.

They all returned home totally exhausted but it is a trip I doubt any of them will forget.

Tuesday we left about 9:00 stopping twice for bathroom breaks.  I stopped as we passed the house to unload what I had in the car while Ted continued on to the campground.  When I caught up with him he was set up and we both got busy.  I emptied the refrigerator and freezer so we could leave the doors open.  Ted shampooed the carpets.  With my car empty I was able to put all my clothes and the pantry and cold food in.  Then we left immediately for home.  The only thing left to do was get Ted's clothes and clean the floors and bathroom.  On Wednesday the rains came!  Ted eventually went back over to get his clothes and did the floors.  What a guy!  Thursday I cleaned the bathroom and we put her away until June. 

Things were a bit chaotic at the house yet and our TV went kaput in our absence.  Everything is fuzzy, green and purple.  We called our friend John who handles media set ups.  Trouble is he has moved to Georgetown!  Not to worry.  He ordered us a new one and is coming to spend the weekend while we wait for the TV to arrive Monday.  That threw us into overdrive.  I did all the laundry, took care of 3 months worth of mail, did our taxes (ouch big time!), put all the clothes and things we brought home away.  Then we dealt with the yard.  I have a few choice words for our lawn maintenance company.  It is apparent that despite paying them in advance they saw no need to come on a regular schedule.  Our lawn was inches thick with oak leaves, ant hills were all over and some plantings were dead from the freeze.  

Ted cleaned all the pollen off the table, chairs and deck.  He put out our new umbrella then cleaned the courtyard of pollen and leaves.  I put my little Mexican statues on the bricks that stick out (creating an escape ladder in case of fire). 

 The garage door got fixed but the original white paint showed a bit on the side where the door got shifted with the new rollers.  So I painted that.  Ted spray painted the wicker table on the front porch while I swept the leaves and shook the pillows.  I raked some of the oak leaves that were all over the place.  No way did they come and do the yard last week. 

We were orderly by the time Sherida and John arrived.  We went out to dinner to a fish place.  Saturday after Mass we all met Gerre and Barry for dinner and then to see The Three Musketeers.  It was good but so very long.  It was 11:30 when we got home.  

Sunday was bad weather all day.  I fixed breakfast and Ted and John worked on a stand for the TV to optimize the placement of speakers.  I fixed dinner and we played Shanghai.  Hopefully the TV will arrive early enough for John to get it all set up.  We have been watching the TV we use for the Wii.  It is sitting on our cooler.  None of us can even read the Guide, the writing is too small.  We decided it looked like a robot.  

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