Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hectic Chaos

Our friends arrived Friday and I reminded them the house had been closed up for three months except for a few visitors now and then.  However, I don't believe any of them cleaned!  I gave them two choices - ignore it or clean it.  Isabelle was coming Wednesday.

We ate at a fish place Friday night and three of us had decent enough meals but poor Sherida got the shaft.  She had less than a dozen shrimp, no bigger than quarters with tails still on.  And a pile of plain white rice to fill the plate since the shrimp took up very little room.  I don't think we'll frequent that place again.

Saturday after Mass, we met Gerre and Barry after sending John and Sherida on ahead, at our normal restaurant before going to the theater.  We saw The Three Musketeers and it was so long!  It was about 11:30 before we got home.

Sunday it rained all day so Ted and John worked on a stand for the new TV.  I fixed a roasted chicken dinner and we played Shanghai.  Ted and I both lost.  I used the carcass to make chicken soup that we had for lunch on Monday.  The fellows came to cut down our tree, and fixed a whole section of fence.  Ted also had them add a board across the bottom to keep critters out.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

We waited ALL DAY Monday for the TV.  My email notification said 1-5 pm.  At 5 pm they told me the end of the day.  At 8:00 they said they didn't know where the truck was and the driver wasn't answering.  At 9:13 pm it arrived.  We were not happy campers and I would be questioning the driver about how he spent his day since the TV was on the truck for 17 hours!  We had intended to go out to eat but ended up getting pizza before the place close by closed.

John did some set up but finished up Tuesday morning.  They were finally able to leave about 1 pm.  Unfortunately they left their hanging clothes!  Their granddaughter is going to Georgetown next week and they are returning here to visit other friends the week after that so no harm was really done.

I had to work the Senior Luncheon so I left before anyone else got up. They were on their own for breakfast and seemed to fare okay.  Our theme today was a luau so I wore my blue lei with my uniform. The tables were decorated so cute with fresh fruit as the centerpiece.  Lunch was pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, roll and cake.

The cutest couple.

All the ladies sporting their leis.

Another well costumed couple.

The whole room or at least as much as I could get in the picture.  We normally have about 250 seniors.

Our bingo prize table.  This is about half way through bingo so many prizes were already gone.  Both of the ones I took had already been taken.

We joined in the entertainment, dancing to the music, New York, New York.

Not sure what this song was.

As soon as I arrived home, our company left and shortly thereafter, Ted left to shoot.  It gave me time to rest and then clear my desk.  He called on his way home to see if I wanted him to bring me anything but I had eaten leftovers so I guess he stopped somewhere along the way.  We are enjoying our new TV!

Wednesday was my appointment with the pain management doctor who Ted saw before his laminectomy in 2006.  He was not complimentary about who had done my procedures nor the medicine they prescribed.  He said none of it would be a true fix.  What was done got me through the last month in south Texas and the drive home but I had to agree I am pretty much back to where I was before and the medicine didn't seem to be doing much.  Now I am scheduled in two weeks for an epidural under anesthesia followed by PT and traction.  Only time will tell.

We went to Denny's for brunch since we had no breakfast and it was not quite lunch time.  Then we stopped at Lowe's for some flowers to perk up our sad grass.  I am still waiting for the supervisor to come have a look.  I want his take on what the technician told me on the phone "the grass is doing fine and there are only 2-3 holes in the backyard."  I swear he hadn't come on a regular basis either.  When they talked about the copy of the  invoices left I knew something was wrong since the only ones I have ever seen are on the computer. Again, I pay in advance.  This is a bad idea I'm afraid.  The yard is looking a bit better with raking and sweeping and some flowers but the grass has a long way to go.

Ted left for Beaumont, the grass guy is coming Thursday morning and Isabelle came to clean.  I always pay her 150% of her normal rate when she cleans after a long absence.  It is also a thank you for keeping a slot for me with my comings and goings.  I watched Survivor on our new TV and went to bed early due to grass guy coming early and a 10:30 GYN appointment in the morning.

The 7-7:30 arrival time actually turned into 9:00.  I am so glad I got up at 6:00 to be showered and dressed before he came!  He put down a granular treatment, ordered another one in 3 weeks followed by our regularly scheduled one 4 weeks after that.  Let's hope it works.  Things are looking better but still not good.

Since I was up early the house was all in order before I left for the doctor.  I came home and finished the laundry.  Ted arrived home and after tending to his paperwork proceeded to nap in his recliner.  Not much else went on.

Ted worked an oil company outing Friday at the gun club and I used the time to try a new nail salon, the 4th since my old salon was sold.  This one did okay but time will tell how well it holds up.  I met Ted at the McDonald's in Walmart for yet one more Friday fish sandwich, only one more Friday to go!  We grocery shopped and then came home.  

I received an email that I was to receive a package via UPS from Bogota, Columbia!  My first thought was that someone was sending a package of drugs to our address and intended to steal them off our porch.  Then there were emails about delays.  At 8:30 pm I received another one saying my package had been delivered.  When I looked at the front porch - nothing.  Oh no, my worst fears were realized.  I turned on all the outside lights and there it was, outside the gate.  Is it really too much trouble to bring  it to the door and ring the bell?  It was a thank you Easter basket from our house guests who told me they ordered it through Costco!  

Ted had to work again at the gun club on Saturday.  I slept poorly and was tired all day.  Little by little I got my jobs done and we went to church at 5:00.  Since we had plans to eat out Sunday and Monday we came home and had salads.  Ted had a leftover piece of pizza with his and I had the last of the chicken soup with mine.  

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