Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week Five

It got cold overnight!!  I woke up curled into a fetal position totally stiff from being so cold despite plenty of covers.  I got up and turned the furnace on.  Two hours later I got up and turned the fireplace on which allowed me to turn the thermostat down to 68.  Later in the day the AC came on!  Crazy!  

Ted met Don and Dave at the skeet club and I headed to the nail salon for a mani/pedi which was much needed.  I really like the girl who did my manicure last time and she was there and available.  She is not only good but quick!  I was back in time for Mah Jongg.  We all made mistakes while playing but we learned a lot of new things today.  I defrosted leftover meatballs and sauce for dinner and we stayed in for the evening.

Monday I went back to the salon to get a chip in my nail fixed.  Gina didn't just fix the nail, she took everything off and did the nail completely over and put another clear coat on all my nails.  Then I went to HEB for groceries.  It was beautiful weather and a pleasant, unhurried day.

 Ted grilled burgers for dinner then went Tactical Shooting with the group.  

Tuesday morning was leisurely, no rush to get ready.  I played Mah Jongg at 2:00.  I am not sure I will ever get good at this game but I do enjoy it.  When we were finished we went to Kathy's coach house and prepared 144 bags for casino night.  It took about an hour and a half to do so with six of us working.

We had plans to get together with Karen and Dave on Wednesday.  Ted, Dave and Don met at the gun club and I picked Karen up there.  Our destination was Bec's to look for a dress for me for Ally's wedding.  The first one I tried on was exactly what I was looking for and was on sale.  Karen and the ladies there picking out outfits for their fashion show all gave it a thumbs up.  By the time the saleslady came by to check I was already dressed and heading to the cash register.  I am so glad to get that out of the way.

We continued on to Macy's and Dillard's where I bought a pair of black dress pants ($115 on sale for $33!) and a top.  Next Tuesday we are invited to friends at Bentsen Palms and it is Pat's birthday so I stopped at Bath and Body Works for a little gift.  By then it was time to head to Cheddar's to meet up with the fellows who picked up Trudy on the way.  The six of us had a great time visiting over our really good meals.  

On our way home we stopped at Cottonwood Park to welcome Jay and Stella who have finally arrived and then went to Bentsen Palms to give Vern his hat back.  Not sure how Ted ended up with it but when we pulled up, John and Diana were walking by so we all six ended up inside the motorhome and had a nice visit.  We finally made it home just before dark.

Trudy had asked me to go to the fashion show next door so she could talk to the stores about hosting one here at Retama next February.  Since the models go to the stores and choose their outfits, the clothes would all be different so I agreed.  However, I forgot it was breakfast day for Retama.  So I went to breakfast, ate lightly, then went to the lunch and fashion show.  The lunch was light so I didn't overeat at either place, it was just close together.  Trudy and I will set a shopping date in Weslaco in the next week or so before more company arrives.

The only thing scheduled for Friday was Mah Jongg.  Kathy and I walked up together since we couldn't find Sue.  The door was open, the dog was inside, the car was gone so we were a bit concerned.  Turned out a quick trip turned into something much longer!  We were glad to know things were ok. 

The good news is I got a Mah Jongg!  It isn't my first but they have been hard to come by for us newbies.  When I returned home Niles, Sue, Dortha and Mark all piled into our car for the promised return trip to El Patio.  It didn't disappoint and they thanked us for the recommendation.  

Saturday was Casino Night so we went to Soup and Salad for a later lunch because we knew we wouldn't eat dinner.  It isn't Sweet Tomatoes but still is a good salad bar and soups choice.  Church was at 4:00 so we were a tad late for the talk for the dealers at 5:00.  Ted was assigned to Chuk A Luck and I served as cashier for Higher/Lower.  Neither of us had a chance to play any of the games.  

"Cigarette girls" walked around offering snacks and appetizers, and margaritas were available.  Can you tell they are all from Canada?

At the end of the evening we pooled our money to buy Bonnie, who was the chairman of the event, an antique box by Winchester Western with targets, ammo, holsters, etc inside.  Bonnie does so much for so many that we were happy to get this for her even if it was with play money!

I have been working on my Christmas runner.  Progress is being made.  I usually do one or two rows a night depending on what time I start.

Next week Tommy and Susan arrive for a week followed by Gerre and Barry for a week.  I'm sure we will be busy.

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