Monday, February 6, 2017

Week Six

What a Super Bowl!  It was the Falcon's to lose and they did just that.  Jim, our bet keeper, had to divide the money by 5 instead of 4 to cover 5 different scores versus 4 due to the historic overtime play.  All were in agreement that this was as fair as you could be in this situation.  Neither Ted nor I won anything!

Ted went to shoot skeet and I played Mah Jongg on Sunday.  Kathy finally got not one but two Mah Jonggs.  She won both games.  However we were told you would normally play 8 games in the time it takes for us to complete two!  I had figured out what hand Kathy was playing and determined she needed a 2 or 4 crak for a pair to win.  I reminded her she could pick a discarded tile to make a pair to Mah Jongg, something you can't do during normal play.  She had forgotten that.  I had her tile and held off as long as I could but eventually I had to throw it or ruin my hand where I was waiting for a joker or 9 crak for Mah Jongg.  It was 50/50 whether she needed the 4 I threw versus a 2.  It was the 4 and she was delighted!  I made fresh chicken tenders for dinner before the Super Bowl came on.

Monday was the Ladies Off Site Luncheon at Peppers.  It was a really nice restaurant with a great menu.  I picked up Joanne, Cathy and Bev.  I was stuck on my Swedish Weaving so I picked up Bev first who explained what I needed to do.  When I came home I had to pull out a whole row but am now on the right path.  Ted was gone to the gun range when I got back so I did two rows and all is well.

The next day was Pat's birthday potluck so I used my Instantpot to steam eggs to make deviled eggs (the free ones from HEB!).  I put water in the bottom, set 6 eggs on the rack and chose Fish Steam since it was the lowest setting with Steam in it.  When it pressurized it went to 10 minutes but I was told to stop it in 6 which I did.  I let the steam escape on its own for 6 minutes, then released the rest and put the eggs in ice water for 6 minutes.  Perfect!  So I did it again with 9 eggs.  Same perfect results.  Once The Bachelor was over I mixed the filling and my 30 halves were all ready to go.  I forgot to mention the eggs peeled easily, every one of them.  

My sciatic nerve, or whatever it is, is still giving me fits.  The orthopedic doctor who did my hip has a "not my job" attitude about it.  Dr. Chang hasn't had any suggestions and the neurosurgeon who gave me four prescriptions and PT last year had sent me to the hip doctor.  And so it went.  So I have made an appointment at the pain clinic and just maybe someone will order a CT scan or MRI to have a good look.  Ted insists it is stenosis that he was operated on for in 2006.  I am just tired of the constant pain from sometimes not at all up to excruciating.  I am convinced it is nerve related because I have discovered different "moves" that will relieve it.  Putting my foot up against a wall and stretching my quads, placing my right ankle on my left knee and pushing down on the right knee, doing squats, etc.  I think it is a pinched nerve that I can sometimes get unpinched.  This getting old isn't for sissies!  Wish me luck!

The doctor at the pain clinic listened to me!  I explained how I have had this pain for two years, had my second hip replaced and I still have the pain.  The neurosurgeon gave me 4 prescriptions that sent my BP sky high and ordered PT.  Nothing worked well so I have been just dealing with it for some time but there is something wrong.  This new doc agrees with me, the sciatic nerve is getting pinched and inflamed and the piriformis muscle it runs through spasms at times.  That is why I can go from zero pain to excruciating so quickly.  He gave me two muscle relaxants, one for day, one for night to hopefully give me some relief until he can order an MRI.  When I returned home I received a call and an MRI is scheduled for Friday.

Thursday was breakfast out.  I picked up Barb, Cathy and Joanne and headed to my favorite place for breakfast, El Estacion, complete with bakery which I resist!  When I returned I took my new slacks to a lady advertising in our clubhouse that she does sewing.  She was a hoot and it turned into a fun visit.  My slacks should be ready on Monday.

That evening, 11 of us went to Saltgrass Steak House for dinner.  Their 4-6 pm specials are priced really well.  My getting one of them, and using our $25 reward on our Landry's card, made our bill not bad.  By the time we got home there was an email thanking us for eating there and saying we have 61 points toward another reward.

Friday was my MRI.  It took about an hour and a half because they did 3 "photos."  I should hear from them this week.  If not, I have another appointment on 2/22 but he had indicated I probably would be coming in earlier.  I hope so.  The muscle relaxants are helping.  

I returned just in time to go play Mah Jongg.  We played 5 games in 2.25 hours.  It just depends on who you play with on how fast you can go.  I got a Mah Jongg on the last game but had been one tile away on another two.  I am just glad I can reason my hand out enough to play to "close" even if I don't win.  I guess that competitiveness will come eventually.

We stayed in for the evening and talked to Susan.  They are due in today at the campground next door.  Plans are made for dinner after church tonight.  Bill and Ornell are due in too so I hope they and Jay & Stella can join us. He had 3 hours of dental surgery in Mexico yesterday and may not be up to eating yet.

Our weather has been terrific and on some days unseasonably warm.  

The sunsets continue to delight us all.

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