Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Such Warm Weather

After reaching 93 degrees on Monday, I figured shorts were the order of the day on Tuesday.  But yoga was at 9:00 so I settled on Capri pants.  I like this instructor's routine more than last year.  It seems more encompassing with lots of stretching versus some awkward poses.  I didn't bring my mat since the old instructor left for Florida so I was ill prepared when this opportunity came up.  Eileen and I both took beach towels.  That worked ok until we had to do the plank.  The towel kept slipping and I couldn't stay in position.  It is hard enough to hold but to be slipping besides just doesn't work.  I will buy a new mat today!

Ted was not home when I returned.  He was running the clay bird shooting down at the range.  Bonnie stopped by to "get the gun range stuff" out of our coach house.  Niles, Mark and Ted arrived right after her arrival.  I told them the stuff wasn't bothering anything.  Ted had his stuff stored, I had my two card tables set up with a tablecloth on them and six chairs around so we can eat or play games and Ted can do his gun thing and there is a coffee table in the corner that actually belongs in the furnished coach house next door but they don't want it in there.  So I covered it top and bottom and said this is my spot for bags when I buy things.  We all agreed we had the space we needed and all was good.  Ted ran his big spotlight and hung it from a rafter so we have light in there.  I don't know if the owners know people store stuff in there or not!

We were supposed to be across the street at Mark's this year with a finished coach house but they decided to use it themselves so we are back across the street where we were last year.  He did bring over a patio set for us to use which is really nice to have.  Ted put our rug down, Bonnie added her big umbrella and we are all set!  Cooperation at its finest!

At 2:00 it was time to go to a mahjong introduction.  I have tried to play this game several times and never really "got" it.  Roseanne explained things really well, her handouts made sense and with the little I remembered I didn't get lost while four of us played a practice hand with her husband as our coach.  I switched the "hand" I was attempting to play three times and in the end was victorious and mahjonged!!  I will attempt to hang with it since it is played at home by many ladies.

Monday night we had returned my new pressure cooker to Walmart because a gasket was missing and got a different one.  I made a meatloaf and we tried to cook it and everything seemed to be going as planned and then I got an E3 display.  Of course there is no explanation of this error message so I unplugged it, let the steam disperse, checked everything again and the same thing happened.  We called the hotline and they said it means it is defective, take it back to where we bought it.  I don't think I will replace it.  I could have baked that meatloaf twice in the time we spent messing with it.  

Today was much cooler and I put on jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt.  Ted went to the Skeet Club (which is different from our gun range) with Dave and I went to pick something up at the shopping plaza, had my nails done and then stopped to buy some greeting cards.  I go through a lot of them!

Ted had taken our pressure cooker back as instructed and bought a Farberware one.  I was ready to give up but he likes to try different cooking methods and loves soup so we gave it another shot.  These instructions made better sense and we were able to cook our meatloaf in 30 minutes.  I think if it was frozen and you could cook it in 40 minutes it would be handier.  They tell me it can do that so we'll see.

Wednesday night is tactical shooting and Ted went but I didn't.  While he was gone I was notified that the deputy shot in Lancaster County KY was my cousin David's son, Colby.  He was shot in the arm twice and it was not life threatening.  However, when one person is dead and the other airlifted to the hospital and that is all you know, it is definitely scary.  We have lots of first responders - fire, police, EMT, etc. in my family.  I worry about them all.  Praise God for this recent outcome.

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