Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week Two

Monday we headed to Walmart to get a new water filter.  Our pressure was low so Ted also took off the regulator and now it is flowing better.  We also stopped to have one of our propane tanks filled because it ran out with the furnace running for 3 days solid.  It automatically switches to the other one so Ted always fills one up as soon as it empties. There was a Hangin' on Hummingbird get together but we opted not to go. We had chicken soup I got out of the freezer for dinner and then watched The Bachelor.

Tuesday was way busier than Monday.  Eileen and I went to yoga at 9:00 and the class is ramping up!  I was pretty tired after class but did hang in on the "plank."  I stayed up until 190 on a count of 240. My goal is to hold it the entire time but I have a lot of time to accomplish that.  I had to return home in time to dress for lunch.  There were about 24 of us attending.  It was a high end restaurant but the menu was very limited, there was one server for 24 people but we went with the flow and made the best of it.  The food was very good.  

It was past 2:00 when I arrived back and headed to the clubhouse for Mah Jongg and the three ladies acting as helpers started a new table when I came.  We played 3 or 4 games so our speed is increasing.  I got a Mah Jongg only to learn the two pairs I had have to be natural and not with jokers.  Still learning!

The weather was perfect and it looks good for the rest of the week.   

Wednesday we headed north to get tickets for Goldwing Express and John Sager.  We already have our Oak Ridge Boys and Redhead Express tickets.  Our weekends will be busy!  We stopped at Walmart to get my Swedish weaving material and yarn.  Since Ted was going to Tactical Shooting where they eat before, we stopped at McDonald's so we didn't need dinner.  We ran into Barb and Sherman and joined them at their table.  We had a nice visit!

Upon our return I took two loads of laundry to do while Ted met Don and Dave to shoot skeet.  We both came home and he went across the street in the middle of putting his gun things away.  I kept watching his bag on the patio table knowing full well he had walked across the street.  He claimed he told me he was going to help Mark make some shelves or something but that I would have remembered!!  He left eventually for tactical shooting.  Seems he came in second for the evening.  I had an evening to myself.

Thursday is breakfast day and I picked up Joanne at 8:15.  Only 8 ladies came to the restaurant and I got back just as yoga was breaking up.  We went grocery shopping and then played a game of Mexican Train in the afternoon with Tom and Eileen.  Ted won!  We spent the evening watching TV.

Friday we intended to go to the pool patio for a Wine and Cheese party but I was tired and we opted not to go.  I was into a book and preferred staying home to finish it.  

We were busy on Saturday.  First up was the Don-Wes flea market where I bought some cards I needed and cinnamon sugar at the spice booth.  Ted bought grapefruits and oranges.  We stopped at Chik Fil A for lunch.  We went to church at 4:00, had dinner at Applebee's then went to see the Goldwing Express.  They are a great group.  We really enjoyed the show and were so happy to hear they are joining Dixie Stampede in Branson.  The only touring they will do is 5-6 weeks here in the valley.

Sunday while Ted went with John, Dave and Don to the Mission Trap and Skeet club, Eileen and I went to our clubhouse to play Mah Jongg.  We only played two games because Laura has a hard time making decisions.  But I had a Mah Jongg on the second game and it was good, no mistakes!  Success!

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